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  • kaborayyan

    I like wallpapers with minimal colours.

  • mfg213

    a beauty

  • adrake400

    @mfg213 thanks!

  • NeoTeamPassion

    This is absolutely beautiful :-)

  • adrake400

    @NeoTeamPassion thank you!

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Font: Cavier Dreams
Wallpaper was created in Photoshop and Multipicture Live Wallpaper was used to apply it.
Launcher: Apex Pro
Grid:10 Rows by 9 columns
The icons on the bottom left and right are embedded into the wallpaper and a transparent icon action placed on top to open app drawer (right) and open notifications (left)
Calender widget: Simple Calender Widget
The time, battery, text and email widgets are UCCW files. (included)
Weather widget: Eye in the Sky app with Climacons dark icons