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  • phoenixwave

    If there is good interest in the setup (like more than 5 people) I will take the time and upload every last little aspect of this so you can create it yourself.

    I also want to take a moment and call out all the people that are destroying this community by nickle and diming everyone to make a quick buck for stuff that isn’t even your original work! You know who you are. I’m not saying that EVERYONE is doing this, but seriously – people who are charging for setups in UCCW and for Icons that are more or less created with other work from either the Android development team or from other digital UX/UI designers is just stupid. This site in particular started as a wonderful way to showcase what you can do on these mobile devices and we all shared what we were doing without charging each other for it. These little things are minimal people – if you seriously need to charge someone a $1.09 for some icon pack that you didn’t take the time and truly create yourself from the very first pixel – then shame on you. You destroy the sharing community and what this site seemed to be geared towards at the beginning. It seems like there are TONS of people charging for very easy to do UCCW setups without cause. Hell – you should all be paying the developer of UCCW that put that wonderful app up on the play store for FREE for all of us to use. He deserves it …

    Share and enjoy each other’s work.

  • footsteps88

    i love it. the weather icons and colours are fab. i think its wrong for people to steal others work as there own. x

  • spickett123

    I love your setup! Hoping you’ll share the setup if possible. And I totally agree with you!!

  • rafagnomo


  • phoenixwave

    @footsteps88 @spickett123 @rafagnomo thanks everyone! Just a few more people tobe interested and I will make sure to post all files! :)

  • Benjimahana

    Oh just post it already. Lol

  • a65lopez

    I like your setup. Very nice! My comment is in agreement and appreciation for your statement. I’m new to this community and have high appreciation for the talent here.

  • Benjimahana

    I couldn’t agree more with your above statement. All these knock off truly are draining this site down and I hate sifting through the limitless clones. Be original. Respect the work and creativity.

  • amalcns

    oh goodness..that looks awesome man and btw i do understand whom u meant..ya i agree to it too..some charge even on tutorials..:-/..i want the files plz share:)

  • panyongs73

    looks awesome !

  • phoenixwave

    @Benjimahana @a65lopez @amalcns @panyongs73 @footsteps88 @spickett123 @rafagnomo gathering everything and posting it all here in the next 30 mins!

  • phoenixwave


    WALLPAPER: (this is for the people that don’t want to customize anything and just use it directly as I have done except for the icons on the far left of the screen)

    PSD FILE: (sorry for the messy file, but I just wanted to make sure I made it available for everyone. Please enjoy!


  • phoenixwave

    Whoops – forgot the UCCW:

    There ya go!

  • amalcns

    hi there,but i think u might have forgotten to upload uccw skins,can u plz upload them?tnx!!:)

  • phoenixwave

    @amalcns Check again! :)

  • sebsi

    Hi. First of all, i d like to tell you that i like your stuff. Then, i totally agree with you. No one should charge forme setups, especially when they only reuse another’s creations. The only thing for which i disagree a little bit is the one screen layout. As i USe a lot of appz, multiple screens makes sense to me. I hope more and more people will consider mcs as a sharing community and not anothet way to make profit. Cheers from france

  • Heath9684

    Sweet Kicks! And agreed with the nickels and dimes!

  • carefree


  • phoenixwave

    @carefree you’re most welcome!

  • panyongs73

    thank you for your fantastic work!

  • 1ceb0x

    I just logged in to say that your post of people who make uccw templates and post them on playstore for money is spot on! that’s how i feel, though i too had a time when i wanted to create things in uccw and put them up for sale – not anymore now. you changed my way of seeing things in open source world.

    thank you so much!

  • phoenixwave

    @panyongs73 @1ceb0x Awesome – thanks guys! And you’re most welcome. :)

  • phoenixwave

    @footsteps88 @spickett123 @rafagnomo @Benjimahana @amalcns @panyongs73 @amalcns @sebsi @Heath9684 @carefree @1ceb0x Hey everyone – if you can help me spread the word on the ridiculousness of paying for UCCW setups and icons that aren’t really created by people but copied … then please share my post and my comments as much as you can and maybe we can get this society of customizing back to the way it should be – open and free for everyone to enjoy! :)

  • BadBrad

    Nice work. Love the unique layout.

  • phoenixwave

    @BadBrad Thanks – glad you enjoyed!

  • neojacks

    @phoenixwave Thank you friend!! and also agreed with you about sharing thing.
    Thanks again.

  • phoenixwave

    @neojacks You’re quite welcome.

  • Flexfulton

    Looks great buddy. Going to try to make it work on my s3. Will need to do some work on the wallpaper first.

  • phoenixwave

    @Flexfulton Thanks! Just use the .psd file to make things easier on yourself. ;)

  • Flexfulton

    What grid size are you using?

  • phoenixwave

    @Flexfulton 9×9 with no dock via Nova Launcher Prime

  • Flexfulton

    Okay thank you. I’m going to give up on this. I’ve tried editing psd’s in the past to try and get it to work with my S3 but never have any luck. Even though the screen resolution is the same, the grid never lines up correctly to place the icons resulting in major work to get it to fit.
    Thanks for the help anyway.

  • phoenixwave

    @Flexfulton When you look at the .psd file – you have to remember that I designed this screen for my Galaxy Nexus – which has the navigation keys at the bottom that are part of the screen – where as on your Galaxy S3 you don’t have those, you have actual soft keys. You have to make sure you account for those when using the .psd file – that might be what is throwing you off when you try and adjust this screen for the S3. ;)

  • phoenixwave

    For whatever reason – every time I try to adjust the “tutorial” section on this screen it eliminates fields that I have filled in … don’t know what’s up with that @Peachanan ?!?!


  1. 1. Make sure to have Nova Launcher Prime Installed (or Apex I guess)
  2. 3. One desktop screen, no dock, and no taskbar
  3. 4. Download Fancy Widgets and use the 1 x 1 widget and use whatever skin for the weather you want. Place that in the top left corner
  4. 5. Make sure to have UCCW installed and use the Constant Weather/Battery skin I've uploaded - make a 2x2 and put in upper right
  5. 10. (remember - if you have a different phone and try to adjust the .psd file - I've added space in the wallpaper for the nav keys)
Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Thought I’d take a second shot at the “timeline” idea from my original setup presented here:
This one is much more minimal in style – and includes a few more icons/apps that I frequently use.
Still using a simple one screen setup – I see no use of multiple screens to be honest.