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  • juanda504

    could you upload the video tutorial?

  • RudiSSP

    @juanda504 i’m sory,, because my english is bad
    1. just load SSlauncher theme “”
    2. load UCCW and minimalistictext (sao.uzip and sao.mtpref)

  • knw101

    can you give an English tutorial on making this?

  • xxprepxx718

    can you at least give a full written tutorial on how to get this theme working properly because I have tried to get this working on my end but I can’t get the SAO.UZIP to show up in my UCCW Output Files At All and therefore I can’t make my Widget appear the way it shows on the video so if anyone can help on this matter I would surely appreciate it thanks in advance and also I would like to put together my own Sword Art Online Theme with all the menu bars included so if anyone has any ideas for the theme please let me know thanks again for the help

  • iloveutoo96


  • chriz977

    Could you please put the files back online?

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 10:54 am

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