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  • Subtle Clutter
  • Subtle Clutter
  • GFaceKilla

    Stunning combination of colors and layout, Thanks

  • johnnada74

    @GFaceKilla : Thanks :)

  • amalcns

    can u provide the modded wall??looks amzing:)

  • amalcns

    can u provide the modded wall??looks amzing:)

  • johnnada74

    @amal cns : thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

  • vladikus

    @johnnada74 Nice!!!

  • mfg213


  • johnnada74

    @VLADIKUS @mfg213 : Thank you!

  • amalcns

    hi again,the links are dead cud u reupload??

  • Thehateocracy

    This is gorgeous. Is it a modded wall or are those uccw widgets?

  • johnnada74

    @daniel : Thanks. Up until earlier today everything you see other than the white wallpaper was a puzzle of uccw widgets. Now only what is necessary are widgets. Clock, weather, date etc.

  • amalcns

    hi again ,the links are dead cud u
    Amal cns

  • amalcns

    hi there,the error is still there,this is the error that i get
    ” Error (403)
    It seems you don’t belong here! You
    should probably sign in . Check out our
    Help Center and forums for help, or head
    back to home .”
    i tried signing in but still gives me an error
    can u upload it on somewhere else or fix the link?sorry for bothering u som much:)

  • johnnada74
  • amalcns

    tnx works!!+1..:)

  • johnnada74

    Very good. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I won’t be using dropbox any more.

  • thangld69

    Very nice!

  • johnnada74

    @thangld69 : Thanks. I’m glad you like it. Love your work btw.

  • ivica555

    can you share the font can’t find again?

  • edub34

    this may be my next screen display….I’m gonna stick with the one I have now, but this one is fantastic. Alot of the screens are good looking but lack functionality. This one has everything . Pat yourself on the back

  • MissionImprobable

    Great work.

  • zfandly

    nice ! I like this style.

  • johnnada74

    @missionimprobable @ebub @zfandly : Thank you very much :-)

  • javisendo

    what’s the grill size?

  • johnnada74

    @javisendo : i want to say it’s 11 by 9 but I’m not positive. I havnt had this theme on my phone for a few days. Sorry if I’m wrong.

  • kaskusianida

    very nice theme bro.

    how to install the font?
    What is the widget for that weather & Clock?

  • johnnada74

    The font is a flip font, in the market. The weather and clock are both UCCW.

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 5:23 am

Uccw, Smooth Calendar and Nova Launcher. Lots of messing around with shapes and colors on Uccw. Really liking the Husser font which is part of the Flipfont pack called Round Fonts.