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  • josephnero

    can you share UCCW skin?or link if its paid?thanks

  • lord_crapface

    Ill dropbox them tomorrow

  • spamman

    which google search bar is that

  • zenofase

    Love this too. Could I also get the files?

  • jeffrey71

    Love it, could i get the files

  • jazzista88

    how i can use it?

  • lord_crapface

    @jazzista88 @jeffrey71 @zenofase @spamman @josephnero

    ive posted link and instructions, post awaiting moderation

  • lord_crapface
  • lord_crapface

    Not made uzips, but if you follow the dropbox link and open smoked tabs and copy all the .uccw files and folders starting “tab” .. into your uccw folder they will show up as skins to select. Ive also put in a folder called holo dark which has the icons in and the font used so you can make your own tiles. Also there arew the weather icons. you will need to copy those into your uccw weather folder.
    download custom ics search bar and overlap it over the skin called tab bar to make the search bar.
    You will need to make folders/screenshortcuts and app drawer shortcuts and change the icon to blank.png( also in the dropbox). Place these on your screen and then uverlap them with the uccw skins. make sure you have the shortcuts on top (send skin to back).
    You will also have to assign hotspots for each tile.
    let me know if you need help.


  • jps

    You should market this as a launcher in Google Play. Very nice.
    I doubt that I’d be able to build it but I’d buy it.

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 12:38 pm

just a few tweeks over the last screen