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  • sideswipe

    looks familiar

  • georgiexe

    @sideswipe lol right, but you did way better job than me…

  • amalcns

    share plz…nice:)

  • lakyljuk

    I like it a lot, would appreciate if you could share your sources, thanks.

  • spickett123

    Looks great!! Looking forward to the files.

  • georgiexe

    @amalcns @lakyljuk @spickett123 thanks!! Here’s the download link:

  • lakyljuk

    Thanks. I was able to position widgets correctly with Apex grid set to 10×10. But when I create icon for Apex action to jump to another screen, this icon cannot be overlapped over Widget. Widgets can be overlapped, but icon and widget not? How did you do this? Thanks.

  • georgiexe

    @lakyljuk OK, what you need to do its resize the widget, leaving space to place the page jumper and then resize the widget again to place it correctly… Basically you can’t put icons over widgets but you can put widgets over the icons.

  • lakyljuk

    @georgiexe Wow, that is the trick, I didnt know. However, it worked like a charm. So Apex is capable of doing it, only reverse way, but never mind. Thanks anyway.

  • georgiexe

    @lakyljuk Hey I forgot to tell you, you have to replace the page jumpers icons with a blank png… I think you know that already, if you don’t have one I can provide one.

  • ak0r

    Nice Setup. I tried the files you uploaded but those are little big for my screen. Can you please upload background image for one row only with no icons?

  • xceccox

    @georgiexe I’ve tried your method but when i resize the widget the icon move itself to another position and if there’s no place to escape the widget don’t resize…. why this happened? It’s impossibile to overlap widget and icons!!! I’m trying also other launchers but the only 2 that can overlap basically everything you want are SSLauncher and TSFLauncher which are slow and I don’t like them! How can I fix this problem?

  • georgiexe

    @ak0r here’s all the files that I used

  • georgiexe

    @xceccox yeah I know what you mean. Basically the problem it’s that you can’t place the icons over the widgets, but what you can do it’s put the icon first and then the widget… You can overlap widgets and icons on apex but you need to put the icon first

  • braveally

    Can you share the skin and settings you used for the calendar widget. I can’t seem to get it right.

  • nidajones

    Could you tell me what size uccw widget you used

  • georgiexe

    @braveally The skin for the calendar its: simi clock(multiple) -then go to skin options and go to alternative layouts, pick the second one, where everything its vertically alienated.
    – line color, make it clear
    – day text width, 0
    – make the background clear
    – font options l made everything kind of gray but the EVENT DAY, witch is red #ffca4141
    – and in items make sure that calendar color bullet its check

  • georgiexe

    @nidajones I used 4×4

  • nidajones


  • bwesly88

    i have no idea how you have done this, i have been playing around with it for a couple of days now and cannot seem to duplicate the steps, help would be much appreciated.

  • georgiexe

    @bwesly88 no problem, tell me where you are having problems and I will try to be more specific… Are you having problems putting the uccw widgets? The page jumpers icons? The secondary widgets(weather and calendar)?

  • bwesly88

    @georgiexe umm pretty much all of it haha i’ve tried playingwith the uccw and the filesi downloaded from theblog dont seem to do what you’ve got our anything close

  • ManUtd07

    @georgiexe Like the theme! I have got everything up and running smoothly.

    If I wanted to change the icons for the applications dropdown would I need to change the .png files you uploaded?

  • rckymtnrfc

    @georgiexe I’m stumped. I can not figure out how you got the page jump icon to overlap with the widget. I tried your way, place the jump icon in the location I want it. Then add the UCCW widget and resize it. But when I resize it, it ‘pushes’ the jump icon below the widget. No matter what I do, I can’t place the widget on top of the icon, either by moving or resizing it. The jump icon always moves out of the way of the widget.

    I seem to have a similar problem on the 2nd page. I add the UCCW (I’ve tried 1×1 and 4×4) and when I resize it, the widget takes up too much of the screen to ass the lower UCCW at the correct size. So the top half looks right, the bottom is too small. I’m assuming somehow you also have layered widgets on top of each other?

    So stumped……

  • rckymtnrfc

    Think I found the problem, in case anyone else is having it. Apex Launcher Pro is required. You can’t overlap widgets in the free version.

  • stewie1995

    Hey i just got a andriod device s2 x and i dont know how to cosromize it and i want this design for my phone! Can you please help with how to get it? Like i downloaded the file u gave but i dont. Know wat to do with those files! Can u please help me? Thanks! And does ny phone have to be rooted to get this look? Thanks

Date Added: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 2:44 pm

this theme its made basically using uccw,
the weather its eye on sky,
In the calendar theres a small simple calendar widget
and power toggles app for toggle
files will be uploaded soon

Download link:

I used apex launcher
Grid 10×8
Margin to none both
You need 5 screens
Minimum scroll time to 0
Transition effect none
Wallpaper single screen
Showw Indicator off
Hide notification bar
Hide shadows
Hide icons labels

Hide dock
Make sure to time on widgets overlapping

All you need it’s place the widgets by page.
Page 1 look in the download file for the uccwdropdownpage1 file
Page 2 uccwdropdownpage2a (top) and uccwdropdownpage2b (bottom)
Page3,4,5 same thing as page 2

Place page jumpers over the plus sings to make the bars look like they expand when you touch them

Finally you gotta use eye on sky widget to put it on the weather panel and simple calendar to the calendar area….