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  • Charles55


  • Volpe92

    Hi, fantastic,
    where did you find those wallpaper? could you kindly share?

  • Snoken

    @Volpe92 Hey, i made the wallpaper by myself!

  • pleisner3

    Can you please share…looks awesome!

  • jwhs10

    What is font?

  • stah83

    Looks great! I think we have a new “Screen of the day” ;-)

    Please share!

  • cassyoutofwater

    share please?

  • shoxy

    Big love for this set up plzzzz share :-)

  • Snoken

    @pleisner3 @jwhs10 @stah83 @cassyoutofwater @shoxy Thanks for your support. Look in the Description to download.

  • shoxy

    Thank you so much will be setting it up asap thanks for the link :-) keep.up the wicked work

  • shoxy

    Love it … only thing is wen I open the uccw widget says skin deleted? ?

  • Snoken

    @shoxy ok i will fix this.

  • jwhs10

    share psd please

  • shoxy

    Thanks snoken can’t wait :-)

  • wifienabled08

    yeah really need that ucw widget for this to be perfect!

  • bradpeh

    i’m not really good at this. but is there a tutorial for this theme?

  • neojacks

    great one.. thanks buddy!

  • Evil_Slayer

    this is amazing
    great work :)

  • Matan

    y u no uzip!? loving the setup though

  • shinyazz52

    Yup same here , when i open uccw widget it says skin deleted , please fix this :-)

  • Snoken

    @Matan @shinyazz52 @wifienabled08 sorry guys it took so long :(. Checkout description for uccw uzip link, for time and missed.

  • Der_Wald

    One of the best home screens I saw! Could U please share PSD? I just want to translate it in my native language. And also to change res. :)

Date Added: Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 4:18 am

* Grunge/Vintage Style *
* For more details feel free to ask *
*You like it? Hit the LOVE Button *
++ Setup ++
* Apex Launcher *
– Portait Grid : 10×10
-Horizontal Margin : None
-Vertical Margin : None
++ Files for Download ++