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  • heyoooh

    Luv what you did wit dis’ bro. Headed to chek yo blog RIIIGHHT NOAWW!

  • Fulgore84

    Great.. Hit the dropbox link on my blog for all the goods

  • llamb

    HOHMYGODDDDDD sooo cool.

  • babaghanoush


  • frankteb

    I like it.

  • Fulgore84

    Thanks @frankteb follow me. More to come. Are You on g+?

  • congomonster

    What’s the calendar widget?

  • Fulgore84

    Chronus…. It’s really good I highly recommend… Need a link? It’s a CM 10 app I think. I got mine from someone who ported it to jb 4.1.

  • Fulgore84

    @congomonster thanks for the view and inquiry

  • congomonster

    Thank you. Chronus works for me on my Nexus 4 unrooted.

  • Fulgore84

    @congomonster ha ha still on 4.1 here

  • sav

    im new hallux, and i am absolutely loving this. how can I get and/or create such things?

  • Caduceuz_Droid

    @Fulgore84 hello sir how can I download this? i clicked the linked in the description but there’s no download link

  • LFCFredda

    Great setup. Chronus cant install on my s3. Im using zooper instead. Thanks for sharing files to us :-)

  • Fulgore84

    @sav This clock and wallpaper are in my dropbox to share with you :) Download the app named UCCW from the play store. Then click goto my dropbox here:

    Download the Desmond black and blue clock,

    Then add a UCCW widget to your screen…. select the Desmond clock and you’re done. If you have any problems, you can contact me here, or goto my blog. The link to that is in the description, it has links to all the ways you can connect to me. Thanks for giving this a looksy. :)

  • Fulgore84

    @Caduceuz_Droid The link in the description I posted to send people to my blog in case they want to get in touch with me. The blog has several links at the top. Those links involve you connecting with me by tweeting or circling me on Google+ (I LOVE GOOGLE+). There is also a dropbox link, which has all my public files and wallpapers stashed there.

    If you see anything on my posts that isn’t there, please let me know, I would be happy to help :)

  • Fulgore84

    @LFCFredda I am using mine on 4.1. chronus is for 4.2+ but, someone ported it out there. I asked a buddy for the link. When he gets it to me I will post it here :)

  • Fulgore84

    @LFCFredda chronus download, one of these should work for you :)

  • nachtaapje

    very nice!!!

  • Fulgore84

    @nachtaapje Thanks, follow me on google+
    link on blog

  • nir0s

    Hey. Beautiful theme.
    I was wondering.. how did you remove the clock from Chronus? I can’t seem to find this option in the settings. Are you hiding it with a black widget? are you using a different version maybe?


  • Fulgore84
  • LFCFredda

    The first one worked thanks again.

  • Fulgore84

    @LFCFredda You’re welcome. I was so excited when I got a copy of this

  • Fulgore84

    @llamb lamb thank you greatly for your support

  • Fulgore84

    @heyoooh you are really consistant

  • Fulgore84
  • SoCoolCurt

    great screen but like @nir0s asked, how are you hiding the clock in Chronus? it’s built into the ROM i use (Xylon) so I’m trying to decide if it’s some trick you’re using or if i need to remove the built in one for another version. thanks in advance, and again, great screen.

  • SoCoolCurt

    nevermind, i both found the version you use and found out it doesn’t want to play nice with my ROM :(. oh well, thanks anyway!

  • yongs73

    thanks for sharing!

  • nir0s

    @Fulgore84 My bad. saw the link


  • Fulgore84

    Thanks guys

  • dotzip

    Amazingly clean. Dropbox link is dead. :(

  • Fulgore84

    @dotzip it works now.

  • llamb

    @dotzip It works for me. Maybe try a different browser?

  • Fulgore84

    @llamb Thanks for checking on that

  • mfg213

    love that one!

  • jnr21

    @hallux I modded your clock a bit. Do you like it? :)

  • davejet

    LOVE IT!!!!! Great skin dude!

  • Fulgore84

    @mfg213 Thanks so much.

  • Fulgore84

    @jnr21 to answer your question…I pressed the love button :) That sounds kinda gross. hahaha

  • Fulgore84

    @davejet Thank you guys time to work on more.

  • Fulgore84

    @all could you test the dropbox link for me…. Might be broken… How this happens I don’t know

  • underx

    Dropbox link dead ! please can you share another link ? and thks for your amazing job !
    PS: sometimes dropbox links are dead because of high traffic on some files, so try with somethink like Mega or google drive/docs

    EDIT: here is another download link for Desmond Clock:

  • pigjr

    @Fulgore84 Hi Hallux, thanks so much for the innovative widget. I tweaked your transparent and red version by adding unread counts. If someone is interested, the screenshot is at
    and the UCCW .uzip file is at

  • dlb

    I can’t seem to get the weather to display my location. It says it is set for my location but the weather is drastically off. I changed various settings, locations, weather providers, etc but the weather does not change. Any ideas?

  • Pluto

    Nice! :)

  • Mdlitalien

    Beautiful design.

  • Fulgore84

    @Pluto thank you

  • Fulgore84

    @Mdlitalien thank you very much. :-) I’m looking forward to doing a glassy revamp of this in the future when i build up my photoshop skills

  • dwrdbg

    This is absolutely beautiful!!

  • Fulgore84

    @dwrdbg thanks…let me know if you have any trouble downloading the files

  • priestz

    That’s very beautiful widget. But Can I use it in Lock Screen ? If yes, how can I do that ?
    Then how I can remove the shortcut in the bottom ?


  • Fulgore84

    @priestz i am not sure if uccw can be placed on stock 4.2 lock screen but, if you use ‘widget locker’ or other lockscreen replacement apps… You can add it to your lockscreen.
    The tutorial is listed above to guide you through the process of downloading files and adding widgets to the screen. It will take you through step by step :-)

    As for the shortcut on the bottom… I don’t exactly know what you mean. .. Care to clarify?

  • priestz

    I’m still using ICS 4.0.3 and using Jkay for the lockscreen. Can I add it ?

    Shortcut in the bottom, I mean it’s shortcut usually for dialer, messaging, internet. And had 4 or 5 shortcut by default.

  • Fulgore84

    @priestz what’s jkay?

  • priestz

    @Hallux Jkay is an application that can create shortcut in lockscreen and had many themes. It’s also can make quick launch, show new icon for status bar.

  • Fulgore84

    @priestz got a link to this.. Cannot find it anywhere

  • priestz
    Little bit old apps but still useful. UCCW is so much cooler :D

    But if I can use UCCW for lockscreen this will be awesome. Oh yeah, this uccw make the phone laggy ?


    I can’t seem to setup my location for the weather alert. I turned on GPS location for a minute and it updated the weather but it wasn’t the correct temp. Can someone help me?

  • jasonnguyen_

    None of links work

  • MartinT09

    Hi would it be possible for a reload the files for the the “Desmond Clock” please like above mentioned the files are no longer available – thank you…

  • Fulgore84

    @MartinT09 @jasonnguyen_ @JEFFLY @priestz UPDATED FILE SOURCE TO ‘COPY':

    Also, updated blog, theres a donate and download section.

    Working on putting files on play store this week. :)

  • Pex

    Can you please tell me which font you are using?


  1. 1. Download UCCW from the Playstore: here -->
  2. 3. This file type only requires you to download a skin, the UCCW app does the rest for you
  3. 4. Now, download a skin.
  4. 5. The Desmond Clock is a 'skin' for UCCW and you can find all my work to select from here:
  5. 10. Then scroll down to select The Desmond Clock... or any other skin you may have choosen.
  6. 11. You're done :)
Date Added: Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 10:09 pm

A futuristic, minimalistic clock with battery bar and weather info.
TO SNAG THE CLOCK and learn how to connect with me on G+ and Twitter go here: