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  • Swivlehendie

    can you post the psd?

  • Thehateocracy

    Gorgeous, can’t wait for more details!

  • empol

    @Thehateocracy thanks !!!
    @Swivlehendie i added the link with everything: psd, uzips, wallpapers… ;)

  • robmiller1000

    I cant seem to get llocked uzip to work. Just shows as white block. This home is awesome.

  • GameModeLiam

    The Calendar.uzip isn’t in the download file if it is supposed to be.

  • empol

    @robmiller1000 is it weird that doesnt’ work, try to set it again. Let me know if works
    @GameModeLiam the calendar is not a .uzip, is Simple Calendar, you find on the market ;)

  • davejet

    brilliant!love it :)

  • empol

    @davejet thanks a lot !!! :)

  • pyrobank

    Thank you.

  • rrohanjs


  • empol

    @rrohanjs thanks :)

  • nathanmm92

    Awesome widgets using them now, thanks

  • Valnomien

    Looks awesome can someone post a quick video on the sliding cards in action thanks

  • zh47

    @empol Can you post the lock.uzip again all i get is a blank white widget! Thanks.

  • empol

    @nathanmm92 @Valnomien thank you !!!
    @zh47 sorry for the late response but i wasn’t at home; i will upload the lock .uzip tomorrow ;)

  • empol
  • mindsize

    @empol Thanks, the updated lock.uzip is working now. Is there a trick to getting the unlock icon to overlap the uzip widget though?

    Also i think you meant to link your calendar widget to

  • ParadoX4eva

    Amazing homescreen and thanks for sharing, i will try it later in my Nexus 4 :D

  • empol

    @ParadoX4eva thank you, i’m glad you’ll try it :)


  1. 1. link to download and tutorial in the picture
  2. 2. Details soon
  3. 3. link to download and tutorial in the picture
Date Added: Friday, February 22nd, 2013 at 10:06 pm

i tried to improve my previous work (
Hope you like it; details soon :)
details and download: