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  • charlie81

    simple i like it

  • kahvitahra

    Thank you!

  • maserdotcom_

    is there anyway you would do one matching the notification bar colors?cyan

  • kahvitahra
  • kahvitahra

    If anyone else would like to change colors I uploaded PSD files for images. Just “paint bucket” clipped layer with color you like.

  • RomerGG

    Oh thanks for uploading the psd, I LOVE IT!

  • chairuldroid

    i ilke it

  • meanred

    Hi I’m new to all this! Would someone care to teach me on how I could actually “apply” this whole thing to my phone? I don’t seem to get the Uzip… Thanks!

  • kahvitahra

    Thank you guys!



    You need to download app called Ultimate Custom Widget

    Then you add widget to home screen (long press screen), choose ultimate custom widget. (2×2), then push “open uzip” and navigate to folder you put those .uzips. Choose those one by one and resize them to your screen ( long press on added widget opens menu for resizing). It helps if you have launcher that supports “over taping widgets”, then you could add widgets close to each other (I use Apex Launcher).

  • meanred

    @kahvitahra Got it!! Amazing! Thank you for the awesome help!

  • userforme

    how can i do it on my sgs2 ?amazing and clean

  • kahvitahra


    Look at my reply above. In apex launcher you can hide notification bar and dock. For opening app drawer I use gestures.

  • Luckas

    Would you name every widget?

  • kahvitahra


    There are 3 widgets and all are made with UCCW.
    .uzip download link is in description so you can import those easily.

  • ivica555

    this is the new screen of the day (:
    I like the battery

  • kahvitahra

    Great that you like it :)

  • Luckas

    @kahvitahra Thanks!.

  • ranganath

    thanks. lovely work. btw, a little help please, what is the apex launcher grid size for Nexus 4?

  • kahvitahra

    I use 8×7 on galaxy nexus.

  • williamgravel

    @kahvitahra This screen is really awesome! I even put it for my lock screen. Bravo!

  • kahvitahra

    Thanks! Great that you like it :)

  • portal47

    i like it

  • kahvitahra


    That’s great. Thanks!

  • atlheatholder

    Great work here – classic & elegant look.

Date Added: Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 5:14 am

Simple and clean home screen with some coffee aroma.

.uzip and wallpaper download link