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Screen Of the Day on 03/07/2013
  • flwngmedia

    doesnt fit the i9300(sgs3) :( … to bad i love this ui!

  • fluffen

    @flwngmedia Do you got Photoshop? Try removing the black borders at the bottom and top and see if it works.

  • UberSlackr

    Well Done. Clean, yet Elegant. Diggin it a lot. (Leaf is kinda odd though)

  • emildk11

    clean and simple, yet beautiful done :)
    i made a screen to, could you please comment with some feedback, like what improvements i could make to it.

  • semati

    One word: Wonderful!

  • ZeDDiE

    What are you using as search widget near the top, looks like a tablet search widget but how do you enable it?

  • phoenixwave

    I wanted to commend you on not only your amazing tutorial in your Dropbox file but also your willingness to share everything you’ve done for this screen.

    It’s really well done. Great job and thanks!

  • fluffen

    @UberSlackr I like leaves :D

  • fluffen

    @emildk11 Looks very nice and functional. On the design side maybe use the same icon theme for all apps

  • fluffen

    @semati Thanks!

  • fluffen

    @ZeDDiE They are shortcuts for Google Search and Nova Settings.

  • fluffen

    @phoenixwave Thanks man, really appreciate it. Well I like open source and I use alot of stuff for free from other people so I don’t have the morals to charge you for any money, since it’s just a picture in Photoshop :)

  • Mr_Howard

    Thanks for sharing. I edited it to work with the Galaxy S3 w/ GoLauncher. Great work!

  • fluffen

    @Mr_Howard Thanks! Nice job getting it fit on the S3, it’s pretty tricky at times

  • obibi

    Beautiful and easy to use with your great and simple tutorial. Thank you very much. This is my new desktop and I fucking love it !

  • fluffen

    @obibi No fucking problem :D Glad to help!

  • osully

    Beautiful as the v1. Curious as to why you didn’t include the time and date on this one, though.

  • SuperChristian

    I love your screens man, I’m currently using this one on my S2, it’s awesome, I really hope you will continue your great work (:
    And maybe you wanna check out my version (;

  • fluffen

    @osully Time I can see in the status bar and date on Lockscreen and Notification drawer :)

  • fluffen

    @SuperChristian Great work on fitting it on the S2 :D Looked freaking awesome!!

  • emildk11

    Yea, im working on getting the same icons :)

  • Daimen97

    Works great on my Samsung Galaxy Note! It is awesome!

  • fluffen

    @Daimen97 Nice to hear! Thanks :D

  • Pens_and_DreamS

    @Howard Can you please provide the Galaxy s3 modified .psd file? This screen made my sign up for this site. But I have an s3 and my photoshop skills are not the best. Thank you.

  • lp93

    Just did it on my s3 and i love it, I had to crop the picture a bit so i cant see the social and u cause i had to crop them out to make it fit my screen, and it still looks good, good work once again :)

  • fluffen

    @lp93 Thanks :)

  • clinch89

    First of all let me say thanks for your excellent creation! I have one question though, is there a way i can get rid of the leaves and use a custom image? I’m guessing it will require Photoshop and a PSD of the background image..let me know how cause leaves aren’t that dear to me that i need to see them daily! Thanks in advance!

  • fluffen

    @clinch89 Yeah it will require Photoshop. If you don’t have it just send a email to [email protected] with your desired picture and I can help you.

  • sun86

    excelent dude… but how to make the background wallpaper as a singel screen?

  • lilcoleslaw

    Too bad the lock screen will be that same image and you’ll have to use widget locker which on jelly bean sucks

  • clinch89

    @lilcoleslaw Some custom ROMS gives u the ability to change the lockscreen independently from the homescreen

  • clinch89

    @fluffen Emailed u!

  • 2uk3y

    thanks @fluffen for this great skin, i make some height adjustment for my S3 coz its higher than this. and i make inverted color so its dark, coz i like dark :)
    btw here my screen

  • clinch89

    @fluffen After watching some photoshop tutorials and following the notes on @2UK3y’s PSD file, i finally figured it out last night. You can discard the email. Thanks again.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 03/07/13

  • niklasvii
  • neoghio

    Loved this concept. Thanks for sharing your files and tutorial. Here is mine running on my new Sony Xperia Z.

  • napaceni

    @Niklas how did you make the background image fit .. I suck at photoshop and dont know how to resize it.

  • Matrix16wcc

    My new homescreen :)
    Fantastic job!!!

  • edinchez

    You absolute legend. Set it up flawlessly on my GNex, looks mindblowing! The nickname “fluffen” reminds me of a Counter-Strike player. Plus you being Swedish, there’s a very high chance you are. Are you?

    EDIT: Here’s a screen:

  • fluffen

    @edinchez Yes I’m born and raised in Göteborg, but I’ve never played Counter Strike ;)

  • fluffen

    @clinch89 Oh I was just getting started.. Well good job anyways, hope you get good at Ps. Best of luck! /Christian :)

  • fluffen
  • fluffen

    @neoghio Awesome to see it working on another device!!

  • fluffen

    @niklasvii Bra jobbat :)@2uk3y Wow, really cool! :)

  • Qpa

    What is the name of the icon pack?

  • fluffen

    @Qpa Minimal MIUI. Search for it on Google Play

  • LFCFredda

    Great set-up and thanks for the files.

  • fluffen

    @LFCFredda Thanks! Glad to help you out.

  • jak3z

    I would love to get a gmail dock icon, I tried making my own but I don’t like it.

  • cjohnson481

    trying on my galaxy nexus and the wall paper is just a little too big, at 768×1280, so cuts off the buffered border. any suggestions on getting the perfect fit? trying to set using nova wallpaper and just cuts off that little extra.

  • zuperpailon

    Can someone post a background for the S3 please??

  • fluffen

    @cjohnson481 Have you tried resize it in some kind of program?

  • fluffen

    @jak3z Do you got a nexus 4? I can make one that fits the N4 perfectly

  • zuperpailon

    @fluffen Could you make one that fits the galaxy s3?? btw your theme is awesome!

  • jak3z

    @fluffen Yes I got a nexus 4 :)

  • fluffen

    @jak3z Re-download the pack again, added a Mail icon :) Hope it looks good

  • fluffen

    @zuperpailon Sorry man, don’t got any S3 to test it on or time for that matter. Look through these comments, I think someone had a S3 and made it :)

  • ornberg

    @Mr_Howard What grid size did you use? And did you use the original background without editing and fitted it in a 720×1280 frame?

  • jak3z

    @fluffen Looks good! Thanks

  • Orkane89

    This is brilliant! will be chucking this onto my s2 today! Noticed alot of people asking about sizes to fit different handsets… For those with photoshop heres a quick fix. create a new file the same dimensions as your handset (the S2 being 480 x 800 @217dpi) then drag the Holo UI rev .2 screen into it and resize to fit… Making sure you have the right DPI for your phone to ensure you get the best pixel density so it looks smooth and crisp.

  • cjohnson481

    @fluffen tried with crop wallpaper and it looks all jacked up. confused since i am used a galaxy nexus like you, and have nova launcher prime and following the steps exactly.

  • Major

    Wicked theme!!! On My Nexus 4 the background fits perfect but are you sure your nova grid is 6x7as the main app icons don’t seem to align?

  • zuperpailon

    @fluffen thanks anyway man! Keep up the good work

  • phuongtv88

    This is my edit wallpaper to fit Galaxy nexus. Everything eles you gúy just need to follow an awsome Christian Svensson’s guide :)

  • adunaph3l

    If someone can link the WP fitting well on SGS3, my photoshop skills are too weak :(

  • fluffen

    @phuongtv88 THanks for helping everybody out! Respect for sharing :D

  • fluffen

    @Major It should yes. Do you got width margin set to Large?

  • gamer228

    Everthing fits fine on a Note II with a desktop grid of 11 x 7. Except the Cloud and clock. I had to re-align those manually with Zooper/UCCW which is pretty easy to do.

  • fluffen

    @cjohnson481 I don’t got a Galaxy Nexus

  • fluffen

    @gamer228 Nice job :)

  • ornberg

    Thank you Christian for this great layout!
    I finally managed to customize it for my Galaxy S3.
    Here’s the result:

  • psycomagic

    It’s very simple but attractive look ~
    but I wanted to ask, what if I used the samsung galaxy ace II, which is still gingerbread and I use holo launcher, but confused looking for icons miui >___< because it doesn't support for holo launcher

  • jatin26

    Can i get the wallpaper for note 2.
    Please..please help me out…

  • neonoafs

    Nice!!! You should remove the shadow of the bottom and top ^_^

  • fluffen

    @psycomagic You could still use the stock icons, but fitting the wallpaper might be a bummer.

  • fluffen

    @ornberg Looks awesome! :D

  • carfreak715

    Hi, i want try to try this setup on my Galaxy Nexus, but i don’t have Photoshop, unfortunately. i saw the link that phuongtv88 posted before, but that file is no longer available. can someone who has the file, or was able to make it work on a Galaxy Nexus help me? even a resized screen from one of you Photoshop Gurus would do.

  • neonoafs

    Christian, thank you for sharing this amazing work with us, I really loved this HS. Heres mine, with some minor changes. Hope you guys like it.
    Device: HTC Sensation
    Dock Icons: RoundGlassBlue (

  • phuongtv88

    @carfreak715 For you, i uploaded some wallpaper i made for this awsome setup on my GNex, hope you like it ;)

  • zabismile

    Very Nice

  • carfreak715

    @phuongtv88 thank you so much, you are awesome.

  • userforme

    hi bro can i get the screen for my SGS2 ?

  • mrjoeltan

    @fluffen Hey Fluffen, can you tell me how to change the leaf picture to a picture of my choice? I’m not very good at photoshop, so i don’t know how i’d do it…

    UPDATE: I figured out how to change the image! and it looks nice! But the problem is… I have my phone set up to where I don’t have a nav bar or the notification bar… is there any way to make it fit?

  • bo55

    @phuongtv88 If you could resize those to the original nexus 4 size that would be amazing!!!!! I don’t even have Photoshop so I’m not gonna even attempt it lol

  • Arms

    Hi Christian,

    Thx for your amazing work ;-)

    Here is my little adaptation for 2 screens, with a bit of Doctor Who inside ;-)


  • fluffen

    @Arms Looks dope! :D

  • mrjoeltan

    @fluffen Hey Christian, I was wondering if you could tell me how to make one for a Nexus 4 that doesn’t have a nav bar or a notification bar….

  • fluffen

    @mrjoeltan Do you got Photoshop? I made a .psd that I’ve tested without any status bar and nav bar works great with PIE for example. Use the regular icons i provided, and change the Rows to 7. :)

  • Lunaspice

    Great work mate! I was wondering though… when I add the UCCW-widget (clock, date, name etc) and want to edit the text how do I do that? Coz when I click on the widget when its added onto the screen nothing happens and when I hold long the “delete” and “resize”-options comes up. Can you help? Thanks!

  • fluffen

    @Lunaspice Just press the widget once, then select the “Static Text” object and edit it :)

  • Lunaspice

    When I press it nothing happens whatsoever… hrm. Sjukt störigt!

    EDIT: Reinstalled UCCW and now it works like a charm. :D

  • fluffen

    @Lunaspice Gött gött!

  • mrjoeltan

    @fluffen Got it to work, and it looks awesome! So glad I can use this without the notif bar and nav bar in ParanoidAndroid. Thanks alot fluffen. (:

  • fluffen

    @mrjoeltan Awesome! No problem, just hit me up if you run into any other troubles

  • bobbydrakes

    anybody tried.. using multipicture live wallpaper?? im also using nexus4.. having problems with fitting… still using apex..

  • ImTheOne1998

    @Christian Svensson can you provide me with the leaf picture i want to put it as screen wallpaper lock screen

  • fluffen
  • ImTheOne1998

    Thanks :)

  • pollinho

    Hey, just found this and I’d really like to adapt this with some tweaks. Problem is,that I only have PS Elements at the moment and can’t open the folders in the .psd’s. If you could manage to upload the psds with single layers and without folders I’d be very thankful. Cheers and amazing work =)

  • Hamduden

    Yeah! Got it working perfectly! Started out by putting the icons onto the wallpaper in GIMP 2, because that was the method you used on version 1 of HoloUI.. Then I realized you’ve made it possible to just change the icon in your launcher, which is PERFECT!

    So this is what it ended up like:
    I removed the photo, since it was a bit weird on HoloUI-1, and added some info about my phone. Secondly, I removed that “Start” in the top, since I felt it didn’t really make sense for me. Thirdly, I removed the launcher settings in top right – I use “swipe two fingers up” to open it instead. And then finally, of course, I have changed the logo’s colors to suit the dark wallpaper! EDIT: And yeah, added a folder icon in the right side, to have more apps on the homescreen like ver.1.

    Thanks a lot for a great UI! Think I’m gonna have this for a very long time (unless you make a rev.3 soon, hah).

    Keep up the good work.

  • fluffen

    @Hamduden Looks awesome man, a perfect fit ;) Glad it worked out

  • fluffen
  • pollinho

    Wow, thanks a lot =)

  • sebaestay

    Thanks!! :D

  • MarieRZ

    Hey, your home screen is so nice.
    I’m sorry to boring you, but I have few question…
    I don’t understand how change the round image…and the wallpaper behind.
    Did u change these on Photoshop?

    Because I have just photofiltre, and I don’t speak as well English so it’s little bit hard for me to understand everything when u explain smth.

    Btw, thx u if u want answer me.

  • fluffen

    @MarieRZ Yes it is changed in Photoshop. Might work in GIMP too (GIMP is a free program that is similar to PS)

  • Kakito

    Really Nice Work!

  • http:[email protected] tylerray0040

    @flwngmedia just do a little photo shoping

  • http:[email protected] flyingskorpion

    amazing. looks neat and clear
    PS: I’d prefer to use GIMP

  • Joshonator83

    @fluffen Amazing work! This theme has become my favorite to date! I do have a few questions, and I hate to sound like a broken record: 1. I followed your every instruction to the letter (I have a Nexus 4) but a 6×7 grid doesn’t align the icons properly. I have actually reversed it with a 7X6 grid and found this to be more suitable. Have I done anything wrong/overlooked here? The icons look more in tune but still do not fit the way yours does. Will I have to tinker with PS or GIMP? Also, 2. is there an easy way to change the picture of the leaf if desired? I’m sure you’ve got other things going on, but any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    UPDATE: I used GIMP to change the leaf image, so I’m cool with that, lol. But I would love advice on the grid/alignment so they fit like yours. Thank you!

  • fluffen

    @Kakito Thanks!

  • fluffen

    @Joshonator83 What size do you got on the icons? I used 90% and it aligned perfectly. Follow the instructions again and make sure you got everything right :)

  • http:[email protected] klavergne

    I love this theme! I noticed that the icon theme is no longer the Play Store. Alternatives? Thanks.

  • kev0153

    @[email protected]

    You can get it here. Looks shady but it is legit, just installed. Not sure why KXNT doesn’t ahve it in the app store anymore. My favoriet icons set,d.aWc

  • bordi10

    Love this theme very much. Don’t you have those grey dock icons in white pls? I’d like to change to a darker wp…thx

  • pratikvyas72

    Can you please make the wallpaper for galaxy s3 sir??

  • http:[email protected] Mighty Arceus493

    Hi, I’m living this design but I’m stuck with the PSD. How am I meant to get it to show up on UCCW since UCCW only lets me open uzip files?

  • kaptawesome

    Looking for Dock and top icons for the dark version of the UI if you have.


  • bordi10

    now they’re in the zip under icons folder!!!

  • pratikvyas72

    @fluffen Christian,, can you make same wallpaper for s3?? pls.. i am new in theming my android,, so i dont know to use photoshop..

  • http:[email protected] phongpan355

    Sorry, the story still not ended. Make the 3rd revision of Holo UI please?

  • sohambapat

    Hi there,
    I am really loving the theme, but is there a way to change the social?

  • TheScreenz

    @flwngmedia I have a gs3 and I used wallpaper wizardrii and had to mess with grid sizes but now everything looks fine….except bottom icons are really low

  • renatohiroshi

    Unfortunally you havent made this theme in widescreen for phones with 540×960 proportion :( it takes too long to edit everything (with my basic skills) :(


Date Added: Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 11:03 am

Here’s my second take on doing a Googlish homescreen. This time I tried to incorporate some more colors into the wallpaper.
Instructions and resources:
Thanks to xniikk for the weather icons.
Hope you like it :)