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  • nabeeluet06

    I am using nova launcher Prime

  • nabeeluet06

    I am using uccw skins for clock and battery

  • nabeeluet06

    Weather icon of eye in sky

  • xydra

    This looks really good! I will try it later. Can you upload the files?

  • nabeeluet06

    @xydra follow the link to download all the skins and wallpaper

  • jonirio

    love it !!!

  • nabeeluet06

    @jonirio i m glad u liked it

  • edinchez

    The main part is great, I’m just not feeling the dock icons.

  • nabeeluet06

    @edinchez thanks for liking ,y screen. yeah it looks without the icons but for easy access i have to include these icons

  • femeig

    Grid size please

  • ACDC

    What is the name of dock icons

  • nabeeluet06
  • nabeeluet06

    @ACDC minimal colors

  • gamer228

    I very much like this one! But I’d like to have a 24 hour clock. How can I change that?

  • nabeeluet06

    @gamer228 just open uccw skin by tapping on the clock if u activated hotspot then in uccw menu press select object then select time now thw time menu will appear below the main screen in uccw now there just find format and chage it to 24 hrs and you are done. i hope it will help.

  • myalza1103

    can u give me a tutorial step by step to create this homescreen? i’m a newbie to do it this..

  • nabeeluet06

    @myalza1103 @myalza1103 please goto youtube and watch tutorilas of mycolorscreen channel. There you will know how to use nova launcher and uccw skins. That visual presentation will be helpful for you.

  • oXside89

    Nice Setup Mate

  • davidpunto

    Really nice, simple and practical.
    I love it.

  • nabeeluet06

    @oXside89 thanka

  • nabeeluet06
  • tinker

    Saw this on TechandMe

  • nabeeluet06

    @tinker he used it with my permission. Its good that your work gets appreciated

Date Added: Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

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