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  • garyarts

    the element in the center is really like my popup setup

  • Brickemon611

    @garyarts it must be a total coincidence because I got the concept from a play store skin :D I am sorry if you got offended or something.

  • garyarts

    @Brickemon611 yeah, surely that guy copy me… and sell theme, really funny.

  • Brickemon611

    @garyarts if you want to see the theme for any reason it is called utopian by hbk

  • iandouglas

    Thanks, great screen, I *REALLY* like the simple design!

    A few bug fixes I had to implement on the Nexus 4:
    – the camera/gallery hotspots didn’t work
    – the temperature had an extra ‘degree’ symbol

    Other changes I made:
    – I reduced my Nova launcher to just be a single screen
    – I put an app drawer icon in the bottom right
    – I removed the red Google text in the middle to allow for another row of apps I commonly use; the red Google text didn’t line up quite right per your screenshot. I had debated putting it on the wallpaper, but then removed it completely
    – I added the hotspot icon to the power widget since I use that a LOT
    – I reversed the red/black colors on the power widget… to me red=off/black=on seemed backwards given the color scheme
    – I pointed the Messaging hotspot to Google Voice’s SMS app

    Changes I wish I could make:
    – put the temperature in Fahrenheit; I imagine that’s a UCCW setting somewhere?
    – have the battery percentage change color when recharging; I saw the UCCW toggle for whether the battery was charging or not, but that just put the word “charging” on the screen which looked out of place.
    – have the SMS count come from Google Voice; again this seems to be a UCCW change, maybe I could do that with a Tasker icon?

    Excellent work, though, thanks so much for packaging that up for everyone.

  • Brickemon611

    @iandouglas you’re welcome!

  • Steve_S_T

    I really love this scheme. took a while to figure things out but I’m now similarly set up.



  • Brickemon611

    @Steve_S_T No you don’t just download a file manager such as astro :)


  1. 1. Hide status bar and dock on your nova launcher.
  2. 2. Change grid size to 8x6.
  3. 3. Download all files from and move them to you phone
  4. 4. Set white.png as your wallpaper.
  5. 5. Place and place it on your Power Toggles folder.
  6. 6. Make a power toggle widget and load the backup "". Then resize it to fill the whole width of the screen.
  7. 7. Load all uzip to UCCW and place the widgets accordingly.
  8. 8. Place app shortcuts on the sides to your liking.
  9. 9. Please leave a love on this theme :) It motivates me by a lot!
Date Added: Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 10:04 pm

I uploaded this theme due to many request for tutorials on google+.