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  • jean_ed

    good job !

  • yongs73

    thanks for sharing!

  • peszek

    @jean_ed thanks!

  • peszek
  • ACDC

    Thanks for sharing uccw

  • ACDC

    By the way what is the grid size

  • peszek

    @ACDC thanks. grid 10×10.

  • amalcns

    can u share the wall without that reflection??:)

  • btje

    Nice design, love the detail in the background

    Do you have a PSD of the design. I would like to make a weather and office tab. Also I like the first one with the same color more than your final version.

  • BigPotato1963

    Thank you for sharing, but I can’t load the news banner uzip, it’s blank — white square, nothing inside, and I tried to remove and do it over again, it still come up the same result. It maybe me only, I am not sure. Would you please let me know, thank you.

  • dmbardal

    @BigPotato1963 It’s just you. Try redownloading and reimporting it.
    I didnt have any issues with it whatsoever.
    I just had to import a spotify-widget to get everything to be proper for my phone.

    Great job btw. @Peszek

  • BigPotato1963

    Thank, I fix it.

  • Perlarys

    How launcher I used?

  • YaSch

    Great Design! But can you tell me wich Music Widget you used? Thank you!

  • moondeath

    @YaSch, it shows Poweramp under the hotspots… but I can’t seem to get it to actually show the song being played on the UCCW widget or any other functionality other then the hotspot in the album art picture.

    Also, is there a way to change backgrounds per homescreen? or is the screenshot just a concept drawing…

  • bosswick

    @Peszek love the set up. Just wondering on a few things … when I hit text messages it does nothing. Also, is there a way so I can set up a different email other than gmail? Annnd the weather hasnt changed even though its set to my location in setting. Sorry for so many questions… not too familiar with uccw.

  • bosswick

    Nevermind… got the weather to update!

  • peszek

    @Perlarys Apex Launcher pro

  • peszek

    @YaSch Thanks! Heh this is mix of Power Toggles (prev/play/next) with transparent icons, Track info is Phantom music control (show only track info) and uccw ;)

  • btje

    Please share the PSD

  • peszek
  • apmyp1990

    can you tell me which icons you have used for the home screen? und how did you place them in the png?

  • MyOddFantasy

    any help on music player and phantom music control..?

Date Added: Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Final version of my previous screen
Hope you like it
Download :
Tutorial tomorrow.