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  • Dayvsanchez12

    How about a link please

  • empol

    @PIPPOTO thank you very much :)
    @Dayvsanchez12 i’ll post really soon :)

  • mrjoeltan

    You should post a tutorial for this!

  • empol

    @mrjoeltan tutorial is in the download link ;)

  • mrjoeltan

    @empol On the picture how-to that you had in your mist zip, i just showed how big to make the widgets and where to place them. I’m not sure how you get the wallpaper like that, sorry, I’m a noobie when it comes to themeing stuff like this… do you think you can make a detailed how-to? and also, how would you change the background of it?

  • empol

    @mrjoeltan i only explained how to do this theme, not how to create a personal theme in general; the reason why i only explained how big and where to place the widgets is that you only need these informations to create this theme. I made the wallpaper by myself with photoshop from a picture that i’ve found on the web. If you can use photoshop you can make whatever you want with no limits. I hope I was clear; if you have more questions ask ;)

  • Xpl0ziV9

    @empol What’re the icons at the bottom?

  • SensationNation

    Very nice.

  • empol

    @Xpl0ziV9 Small whites by Black Bear Blank, you can find on the web.
    @SensationNation thanks, i appreciate :)


  1. 1. Details and tutorial in the picture
  2. 2. Details soon
  3. 3. Details and tutorial in the picture
Date Added: Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 5:19 pm

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