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  • fdm861

    Nice work, mate! +1
    Can you share the .psd file? >.<'

  • PLQ


    Thank you very much!
    Here’s the .psd files (wallpaper + icons)

  • font1135

    can you add more detail and explain how this is done. thanks

  • fdm861

    Thanks =)

  • medo_312

    share uzip plz.

  • PLQ

    To all:
    download this .zip file (inside you can find wallpaper, all .uzip files and font)

    1) set .png image as wallpaper (I used MultiPicture Live wallpaper app.)
    2) put all .uzip files (10) in homepage as I did

    Nova Launcher Prime setting:
    grid: 10×6
    margins: none
    set “swipe up” to open app drawer
    set “swipe down” to open notification bar

    That’s all !
    I hope that everything is clear (sorry for my bad english).

  • a65lopez

    Looks nice!

  • PLQ


    Thanks a lot!

  • Tobbe

    Hi @PLQ

    You have Galaxy Note (1) right? How did you manage to get those UCCW widgets touching the left edge of the screen? I get a little gap so I see the wallpaper. What gridsize is there – 3×1 or something?

    As always from you – awesome screen

    Thanks in advance

    I have the same setup and same launcher (Prime)

  • PLQ

    First of all thanks for the appreciation!!
    Yes, I have the SG Note (1)
    However, if you look carefully my second image (zoom it) there is a very slight gap between the UCCW widget and the edge of the screen (very few pixel but for which I have not given much importance).
    You also have this same gap?

    Remember to set margin widht= NONE
    (but I think you have already done ;-) )

  • Tobbe

    Ok, thanks for your quick answer. It’s hard to get the edges to touch left and right. Must be something the developer for UCCW to look into. Otherwise UCCW is awesome app.

    Yup, I have margin to “None”. And I have the same gap.


  • PLQ


    Try this setting (though you have to change a few things):

    1)Desktop grid: 11×6
    2)Resize 3×1 uccw widget into 765×209 (default is 696×228)
    3)Set height margin on medium or large (as you want)

    Test and see if you like.

  • Tobbe

    Ok, I try that.

    Thanks alot


Date Added: Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 3:32 am

Hope you like it!