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  • 2uk3y

    nice n simple, like it. hope u can share psd, uccw and related file. TQ :)

  • Soloveyptaha


  • jnocomski

    nice and sleek. any chance you can share the infobar? thanks

  • oemstyla

    Check out the link in description, there you can get it

  • SamJDavis

    btw, that the Android 4.2 ‘Digital’ clock. Not analog. Looks good but :)

  • crashcat007

    why dont you share the custom wallpaper in every screenpost of yours ? :'(

  • Fulvio_61

    Beautiful layout. I made one similar, but are in trouble to create the circular icons. Can you help me with the icons of Facebook and Twitter? Thank you.

  • oemstyla

    @Fulvio_61 what´s your problem ?! ;) pm me at xda what you need

  • socken22

    really impressive!!! could you tell me the grid size of this!!

  • oemstyla

    9×7 as usual :)

  • altitud63

    Can you upload the wallpaper with the circles, I have and idea and I would like to share with you, but I need to try first. Thanks in advance.

  • oemstyla

    Take the wallpaper on the top right here and the psd-file here ->

  • altitud63


  • choppa

    how can I download this ? I cannot find the link !

  • http:[email protected] bartek06

    Can you repost the psd file? Dropbox link is dead

Date Added: Thursday, March 7th, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Little modifications to the circle screen layout… (