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  • shahdaab

    will this work for a 10.1 inch screen tablet.?

  • khoavuong

    Yes. ssLauncher will stretch the cockpit image. You’ll have to position the UCCW elements separately.

Date Added: Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 11:12 am

Apply your favorite space-themed live wallpaper. Solar System HD Free live wallpaper shown here. Suggested alternate live wallpapers: Asteroid Belt Free, Jumpgate Free, Rogue Planet Basic, Starfield, Warp Drive.

Original screencap from the game Black Prophecy by Reakktor Media.

Theme includes 3 app folders, a pop-up bookmarks widget shortcut, and some fake gauges.

Source image 1638×1024 scales down to Nexus 7 native resolution of 1280×800.

Bitsumishi typeface shown.

As with my previous Indiglow theme, I again incorporated a live wallpaper into the scene and tried to make the combination as natural-looking as I could. I’m still practicing my ‘shopping skills.

1. download freelancer.rar and unpack onto your tablet’s storage

2. move BITSUMIS.TTF to the /fonts folder

3. install ssLauncher, UCCW, and a live wallpaper of your choice

4. make ssLauncher the default launcher. Menu>load the You should see the cockpit and 4 matching circle icons. These are 3 folders and 1 pop-up bookmarks widget shortcut. Tap the bookmarks icon and choose your internet browser widget.

5. open UCCW and import the 3 .uzip files. Return to the homescreen and add each of the imported skins as 1×1 widgets. Resize and position them as needed.

6. load your live wallpaper and it’ll show through the cockpit’s windows. Note: Live wallpapers take a significant performance hit to the Nexus 7 but only when visible.

Reddit post

Original Black Prophecy promotional screencap.

All source material in freelancer.assets.rar for those who want to modify this theme.