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  • PLQ

    I love it!!!
    Looks good!

  • BigPotato1963

    Would you mind sharing all the files and info — like the grid size. Can I replace the pics to like email, dialer, etc…Thank you.

  • spickett123

    Really colorful! Good work!!

  • JaigMore


    Thanks!! I really appreciate your comments

  • JaigMore

    The link to the original psd has been uploaded, and there’s a little tutorial, basic, but it is there as well.. An yes, you can change whatever image you want, that’s why I’m giving you the original psd, though the dialer it’s on the bottom bar… The icon pack can be found on the net, let me know if you can’t find it…

  • BigPotato1963

    Thank for posting the psd file for your wallpaper, but my problem is I don’t have photoshop, or know how to use photoshop. The images you use for the dialer, browser, are from pages uccw or something else.Besides, 4×3 desktop visualizer is a kind of big to those images — like dialer and browser. Maybe I am missing something in bewteen. Sorry, thank you.

  • JaigMore

    @BigPotato1963 It’s just a simple wallpaper and it’s all there, it is only one screen so it won’t take that much RAM, I made it that way because of my phone, LG Optimus L5, it doesn’t have that much RAM as it is a mid range phone, and it would be out of ram using something like Multipicture Live Wallpaper. The dialer or, as I like to call it: the PHONE, is on the gray bar along with the text icon… but of course you can change whatever image you might like. Desktop visualizer 4×3 well, at the end, it covers the whole tile (for example PHONE), they’re just shortcuts. I’m posting the original wallpaper if you’re still insterested…

  • BigPotato1963

    Sorry to make you so upset.

  • JaigMore

    @BigPotato1963 Upset? Oh, not at all. I was just clearing up some things. It’s nothing like that. I assumed that you might have thought I use many screens, and well, Desktop visualizer cover the whole tile, not only the image. Anyway, let me know if you need something else…

  • ShonenDude

    I really enjoy what you do. Keep on the good work!

  • BigPotato1963

    , it is ok. I am using galaxy note 2, and i even can’t use 1/2 of your wallpaper as my background. but that’sok No worry. thank you

  • JaigMore

    @ShonenDude Right on!! Thnx

  • footsteps88

    big potato resize it. its either 720×1280 or 1440×1280 x


  1. 1. Apex 10x8, no margings, no dock, no notification bar... One screen only
  2. 3. 3x1 UCCW Next alarm
  3. 4. 4x2 Eye In The Sky Weather, Icon
  4. 5. 4x3 Desktop Visualizer for the images
Date Added: Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 1:14 am

A mixture of color, images and shiny things mean only one thing: PANIC… Or at least that’s what I think this home screen is all about…
MetroStation Icons with some color, images found on some web, everything else is just me…
SHARING!! Zoom in!!