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  • spickett123

    Looks beautiful! What weather icons are those? Great work!

  • lieutenantsword

    Nice layout. Very organized and clean! Great job.

  • kancut
  • ShonenDude

    This one looks awesome… GOOD JOB!

  • semati

    Great,love it!

  • felonius

    NICE! Can I have the files?

  • kancut

    @felonius wallpaper added

  • felonius

    @kancut thank you very much! Appreciate!

  • GhiffaryM

    bisa share file uccw’nya?

  • kancut

    @GhiffaryM uccw nya cuma weather-datenya aja kok gan,

  • lzxuanyueying

    Can you share the PSD? thanks

  • lzxuanyueying

    And the Font? it’s so great!!!

  • kancut

    @lzxuanyueying the font is galette.. sorry can’t upload the .psd, i’m on vacation right now.

  • GhiffaryM

    @Kancut oko.ok thaks gan

  • lzxuanyueying

    @kancut i have found looks well.

Date Added: Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

zoom :)