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  • Xpl0ziV9

    this looks great. Can’t wait for the files.

  • Benjimahana

    Nice work on the dark and light theme. Great job!

  • Stupidio

    did ya find that wallpaper or did you do it yourself??

  • ggamang

    Is the result of a really great job.
    Data sharing?

  • semati
  • semati

    @Stupidio Thanks, background made by me but girl picture from internet :)

  • semati

    @ggamang Thank you,i will upload the files soon.

  • OmarCast

    Could you share the uzip, wallpapars etc.

  • yongs73

    That’s a lovely estuary very simple.
    Much trouble as well as :)

  • semati

    @yongs73 Thanks :)

  • rrohanjs

    too good, sotd for me :)
    one small request, can you provide a wallpaper without a girl but some scenery or landscape or anything else, my gf will eat my head if keep another girls pic as a wallpaper :P who will explain them that its only for aesthetic purposes lol

  • semati
  • rrohanjs

    @semati wow perfect, thanx a lot

  • semati

    @rrohanjs you’re welcome ;)

  • Kibibi

    Can you make a wallpaper and instead of whatsapp and play store create shortcuts for twitter and instagram, please?

  • semati
  • Kibibi

    @semati Thank you so much. Keep up the good work :-)

  • emilioepk87

    could you shere the psd? and the shapes to make the icons if its possible…

  • semati
  • Ouker

    No matter what I do, I can’t seem to make the clock sit flush in with the wallpaper, any hints?

  • Kibibi

    @Ouker neither did I. I just modified widget and removed the lines indicating the hours. That way it is not so obvious the clock is not totaly fit for the wallaper. hope that helps you in any way.

  • emilioepk87

    thanks a lot!

  • jiksaw213

    @ouker you can try resizing after add the widgets into the screen

Date Added: Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 8:37 am

Nova Launcher Prime
Minimalistic Text (4×2 widget size)
UCCW ( 3×3 widget size)
Files uploaded:

Nova Launcher settings:
12×8 grid size
No margins
Overlay widgets
Hide status bar and dock
1 home screen
gestures and buttons:swipe down (two fingers) ”app drawer”
set wallpaper & place widgets
put your app shortcuts on homescreen then make them transparent (use blank.png) Thats all :)