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  • galaxyjeebs

    beautiful work, love the curves, under the clock (lady image) and the top corner.
    no indication of icons though, are they mowr?

  • semati

    @galaxyjeebs Thanks!, sorry but what do you mean with mowr?

  • rrohanjs

    maybe he means more

  • a65lopez

    Wow! Very nice design.

  • semati

    @galaxyjeebs Ohh now i got it :) yes they are MOWR iconset ..

  • semati

    @a65lopez Thanks!

  • aburgthing

    Love the design very elegant.

Date Added: Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 5:09 am

Nova Launcher Prime
Minimalistic Text (4×2 widget size)
UCCW ( 3×3 widget size)
Files uploaded:

Nova Launcher settings:
12×8 grid size
No margins
Overlay widgets
Hide status bar and dock
1 home screen
gestures and buttons:swipe down (two fingers) ”app drawer”
set wallpaper & place widgets
put your app shortcuts on homescreen then make them transparent (use blank.png) Thats all :)