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  • heyoooh

    What font is that. I think im in love.

  • Fulgore84

    @heyoooh Thanks,… its called “Vanberger”. Sounds like a sgt’s name to me.

  • Fathatyme

    Its amazing man. Greatwork

  • Fulgore84

    @Fathatyme thank you. Head to my website to follow me on g+ :)

  • betinho

    Batery widget please

  • gaurav247star

    amazing theme though

  • gaurav247star

    am not able to open ur site

  • francomur99

    Awesome !!I love it ! Can you share the files to make this screen please? Thank you

Date Added: Monday, March 11th, 2013 at 7:53 pm

A rugged, futuristic addition to your homescreen
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