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Screen Of the Day on 04/01/2013
  • vallarellas

    Wow! I like it!!…

  • oemstyla

    awesome… any chance to get some details ?!

  • hitman1k

    Glad to hear you like it.

    I’ll add some details and upload the files later ;)

  • jonbus

    Very nice work, waiting for details!!

  • yongs73

    I like the color and design!
    Well done

  • btje

    Awsome. care to share uccw and psd. I like to make a blue one.

  • Hyewiz

    Wonderful, cant wait for the Files and PSD.

  • p33t_r

    Great job! You kinda made that ahead of me, I was working on doing homescreen based on Swing :) Anyway, I’m going to quit it now and focus on sth else. Still, looks awesome!

  • hitman1k

    @p33t_r it’s a really good work the guys by swing have done. pretty impressive and inspiring :)

  • btje

    @HITMAN1K Please share :-)

  • carlosfl8

    Really looking forward to this wonderfull work… :)

  • jonbus

    Are you gonna share your beautiful work? I’m looking forward to try this setup

  • sandman_nyc_316

    Awesome work! Mind sharing the files? Thanks!!

  • thomp89

    Nice setup man….

  • alperaltun

    info setup and files?

  • Agiz

    like the red !
    can you share that wallpaper please ?

  • btje

    Wonder where HITMAN is. A lot of peolple would like the psd please share.

  • hitman1k

    @btje I’m here & I’m already uploading the files ;)

  • hitman1k

    You’ll find info & files in the description. Have fun

  • btje

    Sorry for asking many times, Ijust love it that much :-) I’m gonna make a blue version out of it.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 04/01/13

  • synergeticink

    All the resources are not in the zip file, wallpapers are not included and uccw home 3 pops up in just plain white. Bummer, I’m guessing the wallpapers are in the psd and just need to be resized, just a hassle since I can’t just resize them on the phone itself with a third party app.


    Where’s the Wallpaper bro? Can you please share it..Amazing Screen!!

  • hitman1k

    Wallpapers without avatar were added in the .zip file

  • theclown

    Hey, I’ve got a little problem.

    The weather widget seems to be acting a little strange for me – the city and the info are overlapping with each other. Also, the www widget doesn’t seem to work on a press. Newbie here, help please?

  • UgambeMibambe


    just edit the skin and move the “current condition”.

    For the www widget you have to set a hotspot on it.

  • nhocheolk

    can you tell me how to make the Date in calendar horizon … i can’t find this option in simple calendar settings
    thank you !

  • phongpan355

    @theclown Move the position of “Current location” and “Current weather”.

  • Trung

    On the home screen, I can’t seem to get the UCCW to match the number with the red circle. I have resize it every way possible but its always below the red circle by 2-3 inch. Can you show us all of your apex settings for homescreen? I saw the tutorial but it still didn’t work.

  • pratikvyas72

    there some issue in uccw widget of weather and battery,, kindly fix it,,

  • ronnyhp


  • chiri3008

    Hi!!! First of all, let me tell you, this is an amazing screen. Excellent job my friend. So, I have an issue with the UCCW widget home 1, the one with the weather and baterry information. It’s just a white square. I’ve tried many things and nothing works. Could you fix it?? If you can’t, I understand. This is a beautiful screen. Keep the good job. Regards.

  • chiri3008

    Hi again my friend! The problem is solved, sorry if I bothered you. Regards.


  1. 1. Download the files:
  2. 3. Homescreen setting: Portrait grid: 9 x 6, Icon size: 80%
  3. 4. Dock settings: Dock as overlay - YES, Icon size: 65%
  4. 5. Advanced settings: Resize any widget - YES, Overlapping widgets - YES
Date Added: Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 11:13 am

Home Screen Design inspired by UI Design: swing for iPhone.
Zoom for more details.
Here are the files for the whole setup:

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