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  • monu

    nice!!tnx for sharing:)

  • amalcns

    @monu thank u!!pleasure:)

  • StressSyndrom

    which music player is that buddy ?

  • amalcns

    power toggles bro!:)@StressSyndrom

  • StressSyndrom

    How’d u do the songname at the bottom ?
    Can’t figure it out …

  • amalcns

    @StressSyndrom use phantom music to display only the name of song.:)

  • StressSyndrom

    and there we go again, i got phantom music control pro, but if i go on my widgets, it doesnt show me the widget, or in my appdrawer .. i cannot find it, but i have it on my phone

  • amalcns

    @StressSyndrom make sure u have installed it in your internal memory coz some widgets only come up in the widget list if it is installd to the phone memory!good luck
    feel free to ask if u have any doubts;)

  • StressSyndrom

    no men, i bought it, long time ago, but it wont work, im in trouble, dont know why i’m the only one with the problem, isnt showing on widgets and appdraw

  • drsailu

    hey one question,how did u get the power toggles icons smaller???as i wasnt able to do it..nice screen:)

  • amalcns

    @StressSyndrom try updating the widget to the latest version,hope that helps!:)

  • amalcns

    @drsailu well i used icons from the icons set “blue glows” by BBB and then changed the color in the widget settings,the icons were already smaller.hope that helps!:)

  • yeaskey

    nice choice of colors;)

  • amalcns

    @yeaskey tnx man!!:)

  • BadBrad

    Great job. Love the simple design.

  • amalcns

    @BadBrad tnx man!!!;)

  • sajugn

    awesome work again!!!;)

  • amalcns

    @sajugn ty!!;)

  • esther

    Love the colors! Fantastic!

  • amalcns

    @esther thank u!:))

  • Gaeas

    Hey, I’m new here (first time that I try to make a cool homescreen) and i want THIS on my HTC One. It looks so nice! Can u PLS give me a short tutorial how to do it? :O

Date Added: Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 12:54 am

inspired by peszek…so i made one by myself,as i wanted more functional yet minimal looking homescreen
HOPE you guys like it:)
plz zoom to get a better view.