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Screen Of the Day on 03/14/2013
  • ddrager

    This brings back memories, very cool! Would love to see the source background and icon packs.

  • kulem

    Im impressed very retro gotta love it.

  • obibi

    Sweet !

  • csores

    how do you add the text? also if you made a gallery icon for the dock/main page that would be sweet!

  • Benjimahana

    How did you get the shadow numbers for the clock?

  • z3u5

    @Benjimahana In UCCW there is a Simple text: “88:88″ with 15% alpha, under the clock.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 03/14/13

  • z3u5

    @Peachanan Wow! Thanx! :)

  • phoenixwave

    I am in complete awe … so well done.

  • barcaxavi

    Óriási! I mean…wow!

  • z3u5

    @csores Hey! The text is by using Go launcher, where you can select font, and font color for app labels.
    Just use this font:
    And this color: #303225

    Also here is the gallery icons:


  • z3u5

    @barcaxavi Köszi;)

  • butman

    Well done Sir! Very nostalgic. Time to change my screen for this one.

  • Lennert89

    Dude! This is awesome.

  • tukbol

    wow amazing

  • z3u5

    @tukbol Thanks!:)
    Go Launcer EX for the changeable font.
    Font here:

  • tukbol

    man i cant seem to make the weather icons appear in the center how to do that? thanks

  • gabamnml


  • z3u5

    @tukbol Try to use 4×2 widget size.

  • 0rion_black

    Hi! How do you get the app drawer icons to change? My launcher won’t find/load the icon folder. I really like your design!

  • HubertSng

    awesome dude… can you just make a google play store icon pack? would be better for updates for some icons since this looks really promising.

  • ramzess503

    awesome! but we need video tutorial.

  • MarcoJHB

    I really want to do a video tutorial on this screen :)

  • nikk

    Awesome stuff! :)
    Most original screen I have seen in a long time! A deserving screen of the day!

  • TheBeast666

    this is a BEAST… hope they will make a video tutorial for this, just awesome pure creativeness..

  • Kyon

    @z3u5 if i get this right, you designed the theme for go launcher. but i wanted this so hard that i kinda modified it a bit and managed to run it on nova launcher with the label and stuff… i made a template for uccw so that you can put labels by manually editing each static text.

    Here is the file:
    you put it under your icons… (i made it for a 7×5 grid size)

    heres also a screen shot of what i have on using nova launcher

    hope this helps

  • Lennert89

    @MarcoJHB awesome! I’m waiting on that one.

  • dst2rado

    really nice work you are a MONSTER xD

  • onaiz

    Dude you are awsome!!!!!!

  • Benjimahana

    Can you make icons for the browser, phone, sms, etc to match the rest to have a more uniform look? Super please? Lol

  • z3u5, and updated with:
    dock icon:
    – gallery
    homescreen icon:
    – gallery
    – phone
    – sms
    – appdrawer
    – internet

  • Benjimahana

    Thanks so much!

  • myjoejoe

    Too much for this your work, is so so so nice. well done big guy!!!

  • Grubmeyer

    This is amazing! I’m currently adapting it for Nova Launcher. Most things work, except for the custom font, but I’m truly impressed by what you’ve been able to pull off here!

    Any chance you’re working on more icons? My artistic ability is zilch…

  • Hagow

    Anyone having problem with the weather icon not changing? Loving this theme, thank you!

  • nishar2

    Good Work…

  • huny119

    so sweet~♥

  • jamesfp

    this is beautiful! could you make a play store dock widget??

  • z3u5

    @jamesfp You mean icon?:)
    Here you are:

    Have Fun!;)

  • jamesfp

    Sorry, I was so caught up in the awesomeness that I forgot how to speak. Thank you so much, will be sending a beer your way!

  • danzakuduro

    any way to get english version of day of the week??

    also, any way to get Fahrenheit?

  • z3u5

    @danzakuduro Ofcourse!:)
    – open UCCW, load the LCD skin.
    – “select object”, “day of the week”
    – slide to Controls #7
    – tap on “Custom text” button, then “Edit file”
    – then write over the day texts you want
    Thats it.:)

    To set Fahrenheit:
    – open UCCW, press menu button, then Settings
    – then unmark the “Celsius”
    Have fun!:)

  • Hagow

    Any possibility for a camera dock icon? Thanks!

  • danzakuduro

    one more thing lol. I’m not getting weather icons on the main widget, only the temperature. What do I need to do to get that?? I have the icons on my phone

  • fbraji

    please, icons

  • z3u5

    Hi! I updated the UCCW weather icons, so the weather icons should not disappear when its raining, or getting error message from server.

  • HEPB

    Cool idea ! Dope realisation ! Good job !

  • vajoiner

    this is really fun on an n7. its like im a child again using my relatively large gameboy.

  • emal011

    Totally cool!! I´m just wonder, how i can change the SZERDA, or what´s that?

  • Grubmeyer

    Any chance you take requests for dock icons? I need a camera, rss, and generic music/entertainment, but my artistic ability is limited. Thanks in advance!

  • prashantwosti

    f**** stunner!! totally different WOW

  • Ntavelis

    Can you make a bluetooth icon for the elixir switches please? :)

  • HaGe


  • fallacy

    awesome! love it!

  • ceballos


  • islandmixed

    Great theme!

    Can i ask for this theme to work on the galaxy note, everything will have to be modified right?


  • razten

    Amazing theme, I’m nearly there with mine. Just missing some icons, you are taking requests right? I would love if you or someone made a Reddit icon(just a simple R), twitter, Youtube and Twitchtv. Thanks in advance!

  • z3u5
  • razten

    Thank you for the quick response, the icons are great !

  • ggeraldd

    @z3u5 can I request for the following icons?
    – Whatsapp (dock)
    – Livescore (home)
    – Book icon (home)

    Thanks in adv.

  • ehhpic

    @z3u5 Thanks for supporting our habbit! ;)
    Home Icon requests follows :
    Google Drive

    Thanks a million!

  • biskwit

    @z3u5 excellent theme mate! can i also request for some icons?

    perfect viewer

    thanks much ^_^ heres the link btw

  • lex

    @z3u5 can u make a backup of the theme cuz i got the same phone as you. thanks.

  • creco

    @z3u5 Thanks for your awesome works!
    Some home Icon requests :
    Google Talk
    Play Music
    XDA App

    Thank you very much

  • islandmixed

    Great theme!

    I need to see if this wallpaper can be fitted to my galaxy note. Damn shame that all the best themes are made for other phones lol. I will use these icons thoe.

  • Systematis

    Awesome skin! But have you got the wallpapers in higher resolution (like 1280×800 or even 1920×1080)? I would appreciate if you could share them.

  • andreimoto

    i used this awesome homescreen for 2 weeks, but still, no weather icon appear, no value of temperature…. how to fix this?

  • hanbi86

    its awesome theme. perfect!
    i really want to use it.
    can i request you KAKAO TALK, mVoIP and bank app icon?

  • hanbi86

    and aslo want ring/vibration/mute toggle !
    its so practical one i think

  • snolds

    @andreimoto when editing, go to menu>settings and set your location for weather and the weather provider. Didn’t work for me until I did that.
    @z3u5, great screen! Any chance you could make a generic email Dock icon?
    Thanks for all your work!

  • nash520

    @ddrager you know how to use this style in your phone?

  • fsy1991

    very coll!

  • Sir Jacob
  • uinmack

    Am I missing something here? I’ve tried to install the UCCW theme but I can’t find the uzip file that is mentioned.
    I tried unzipping the zip file into the correct UCCW folder using ES, & I was able to choose the theme, but it showed ‘skin deleted’ in the preview.

  • stinger7491

    I’m a little upset:
    I fell in love with this homescreen: I even dropped 4 bucks to go full SS launcher to do the steps described in the video..

    WHen i put up the UCW widget exactly as described in video It comes up without the weather portion in the middle. I even put the newer icons from the comments in. It also has jibberish for the upper left hand corner and it says CT(degree) for lower right corner.

  • stegnersaurus

    @stinger7491 I did the same thing as you, bought SS and everything, and had the same problem.
    You need to go into the UCCW setting and make sure “Auto Location” is checked. If it is checked already, uncheck and re-check it. Also, make sure under “Weather Provider,” something is selected (I picked Yahoo! but it shouldn’t matter.)
    Other than that, I think you should be good. That should fix the CT for the degrees too, as I had that issue. Let me know.

  • evilantal

    This looks great, but the links seem to be dead :(
    Anyone have the files for this?

  • stegnersaurus

    @evilantal The link is dead? Worked for me. Try going to the YouTube video. In the (very helpful) description, there is a link to a Dropbox folder with all you should need.

  • oznerol4

    @z3u5 you think you could make a folder and power button for the dock? Great work! Thanks in advance!

  • marksman147

    @emal011 SZERDA means Wednesday in Hungarian. The updated UCCW skin, doesn’t include the hungarian translation file. But I’ve no idea on to .uzip.

    @z3u5 Could you please upload the CSSW v1.1 uzip as well? If i choose from a zip file, it will show “Skin deleted”. Thank you!

  • evilantal

    Links indeed work. Using Chrome for a browser was the culprit. Tried it on my phone with Dolphin and everything worked fine. Thanks!

  • generalunicornlol

    why is the weather icon not changing? Either day or night.. the weather icon in the middle doesn’t change… any fix on this? I even downloaded the v1.1 of the weather icons? where should i place the files?

  • pedrogelli

    HI, the UCCW is not working, here when i put it on the screen, says “skin deleted” and the 1.0 stays white rectangle :/ can u help me? i’m using SGS3. Thanks

  • ImNickson

    Can you make icon? Also, when I use the icons in a widget or with widget locker they are really small, any idea why?

  • paulner

    Can I request a Contacts icon for the dock and homescreen? :-)

  • olejdb

    can i request a viber and a wechat icon? thanks! nice screen.

  • rzxp

    hey, for some reason, my middle icon for the weather does not show up. can you help me? you can email me at

  • petiksmode

    awesome z3u5!
    perfect for my HTC one :D


  • kifgep

    could you make more app icons for this theme?

  • anirudh412

    Just set it up on my N4 and it looks epic! Sick talent man! Are you planning on making a simple lock screen based on the same theme? That would complete the look. Maybe make an apex/nova theme for the app drawer as well and put it up as a paid app on the AppStore. Please take my money!!!

  • greniesa

    @z3u5 Thanks a lot for this theme!

    my request icons:
    – Google Hangout (lcd and dock please)
    – Google Play apps (Games, Movies, Music, Books, Magazines)
    – Google Authentificator
    – Voxer
    – Netflix
    – Plex
    – Rdio
    – Slacker Radio
    – Steam
    – Contact (People for HTC)

    Thanks a lot, keep your great work! When I found how to donate on this site, I’ll pay you a coffee ;-)


  • r_setiawan

    Thank You so much z3u5 let me to share this post, thank you,,

  • Maxu User

    Request Icon :
    – Instagram
    – Line
    – Wechat
    – kakaotalk please :)

  • Nottezio

    I have a bug that the weather icon is working but display it wrong. ex. when at night the weather icon showed day icon. I allready checked the folder and nothing seems wrong
    Could you make some icon for me please:
    -Social Messaging Folder
    -News Reader Folder
    -Productivity Folder
    -Root Folder
    -SuperSU/Superuser Icon
    +Widget for WidgetLocker Locksreen Lcd style, that would be awesome
    Thanks before Mr. :)

  • gothed

    hello sir,
    sorry for asking, i’m using samsung gt s5360 , and i’ve tried to follow all instruction on youtube, but why, when i try to use elixir widget, after complete setup, widget that appear on screen only red box with word “phantom widget” appear on it? is there any solution to fix it? thanks :D

  • Ang3lo

    Hi, can you give me the links on dropbox of themes ready to load on my ss_launcher?

  • lesliechivas

    is it what your looking for?

  • Emil

    Please can u make camera icon for dock? Thx

  • Emil

    HI. Can u make FB, Skype, whatsapp, Instagram YouTube, google messinger app, Camera, My files ( folder), Google Keep and maps all for dock? List is little biger but i hope that is not problem. Thx!


Date Added: Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 11:09 am

Liquid Crystal Display

*NEW(2013.03.19)* Updated UCCW Skin (v1.1) with updated weather icons.

–, and updated with:
dock icon:
– gallery
homescreen icon:
– gallery
– phone
– sms
– appdrawer
– internet

– Youtube tutorial available:



Icon-Pack + Dock:



All-In-One packade:

If you want me to make an icon for you, just leave a comment.
Have fun! :)
And don’t forget to like it, if you do! ;)

If You want to buy me a beer, click link below :)

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