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  • Nightscape
  • enrico458i

    What is the name if the fonts you used? or please upload.. thanks! :)

  • Nightscape

    Added in the folder

  • enrico458i

    thank you!

  • vallarellas

    Very Good WorK!!….

  • Nightscape

    Thank you! :)

  • rebzin

    Good one…

  • kourtsidekid

    @nightscape Is there a tutorial for noobs?

  • Nightscape

    @kourtsidekid checkout the youtube channel for mycolorscreen. There are video tutorials on many screens and even a tutorial on how to use UCCW.


  1. 1. Nova Launcher Prime 12x12 No margins. No Dock. Disable Notification bar. Enable Widget overlap.
  2. 2. uccw files - Camera, Gallery, Calendar open 4x4 and resize. Phone, Internet, Gmail, Instagram, Map, Playstore open 3x3 and resize.
  3. 3. Home, YouTube, MyFiles use 1x2 and resize. Favorite, Social, GoogleNow use 4x2 and resize. Wallpaper- Download a all black wallpaper.
Date Added: Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 3:15 am

Thanks to Vallarellas for sharing his amazing PICTURESCREEN setup!
I had a hard time trying to fit the original files due to differing resolutions but after a lot of tweaking around I was able to get it to look okay on my note2. These files should work for 720×1280 resolution screens (note 2, gs3)
I also created my own widgets for some other apps to suit my needs. This is a 3 screen setup.
****The Time and Date uccw files can be downloaded at the original PICTURESCREEN page by Vallarellas.****