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  • andy_rose

    Very nice!
    Which launcher do you use?

  • MBalaman

    Looks really neat :) Looking forward to the files and details!

  • oemstyla

    @andy_rose Apex Launcher 10×7

  • felonius

    @oemstyla Please share files!

  • footsteps88

    beautiful x

  • Tyson

    very nice

  • oemstyla

    Files and Tutorial added :)

  • depetti73 / hx8wm68ik8bt8ha/
    geht nicht ;o(

  • oemstyla probier´s mal ohne leerzeichen im link ;)

  • ryanvan9

    can you put the PSD file in your dropbox?

  • Boogy

    Can you share the PSD pls ?

  • JKDesign

    @oemstyla Nicely done man. Like the tweaks you made.

  • oemstyla

    @JKDesign THX man :)

  • angelnaina

    Its very beautiful ..I love it :)♥♥

  • oemstyla

    It’s stock on my Nexus4. Try Tod rebuild it with uccw ;-)

  • NikhilBundile

    @oemstyla Thanks! Didn’t expect this quick response so deleted previous comment! :p btw I found one similar JB clock on play store! Awesome work, keep up :)

  • MakingBiscuits

    If you have the PSD of the wallpaper, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks for great screen!

  • McSkullough

    Do you take request for different apps for the action bar? I’d like one for Twitter if that’s okay.

  • Mstammi

    can you share the PSD?

  • oemstyla

    I don´t have the psd for this layout, i modified the original psd and safed all as png :)

  • Meelouw

    Hey ! Is it possible to explain how you had configurate Simple calendar widget for have this result please ? :)

  • http:[email protected] MIGhunter

    Is it possible to get the psd for the BlueCityActionBar? I need an action bar for VLC movie player.

  • oemstyla

    @MIGhunter there is no psd for the action bar, it´s just an icon + text


  1. 1. Click "Wallpaper" for Tutorial :)
Date Added: Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Inspired by
credits to yackovsky for the icons and max for the weather uzip
Files including Tutorial ->