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Screen Of the Day on 04/06/2013
  • johnnyfr03


  • Llewellyn1

    Nice simple…like it

  • amalcns

    nice…i guess its rainy

  • Benjimahana

    Another winner!

  • Aleke

    Еще одна отличная работа!

  • jonbus

    And you do it again! Congrats

  • yongs73

    It’s a really good work!
    Thank friend

  • blogness

    This is so great. Can’t wait til you put up the info.

  • masze

    nice, twitter instead of facebook.. (i hate facebook)

  • qamu74

    grat. good job

  • http:[email protected] #sadegh#

    OH MY GOD !!
    REALY NICE !!!

  • Bobberta

    Good design.. Texture is awesome and perfectly fits with your phone!

  • Arabology

    amazing :) at first i thought it needed a wallpaper, turned out it’s all UCCW ^^ great work.

  • Madara76

    This is beautiful !!!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 04/06/13

  • equishd

    Can we get the .PSD ?

  • HansCastorp

    having trouble with the link, anyone else get that?

  • http:[email protected] vivelafrance

    One of the best out there! Amazing work

  • johnnada74

    Thanks a lot everyone! :-)

  • johnnada74

    Thanks :-)

  • johnnada74

    Sorry, I don’t use Photoshop so no psd. Just uccw.

  • johnnada74

    Just checked it. Seems to be working. Anyone else?

  • http:[email protected] shrome99

    I have this perfectly configured on my GS3, but I hate the custom status bar. could you provide uzips without that? If I enable status bar, everything shrinks down and looks wierd. Otherwise, great work.

  • Mikey1022

    I’m loving this setup :)
    lol i cant seem to get the home screen grid correct for the SGNexus using 5*1 widgets Expaned desktop and no dock.
    Anyone try this on a SGN?
    Nova luncher here also, seems like the widgets dont get “stretched” all the way to the edges

  • Fisherman65

    Really inspiring!

  • TUN_SD

    awesome work. unbelievable :D

  • johnnada74

    Do you have 0 margins in nova?

  • johnnada74
  • Mikey1022

    @johnnada74 yes for height and width

  • Mikey1022

    @johnnada74 I figured it out… have to apply the widgets in disabled fullscreen mode first and then expand it to fullscreen :)

  • kevin2gee

    @masze You do realize that these are all Uzips and the text can be edited within the UCCW app. If you dont like or use facebook just open the uzip for that area and change the static text to something else. Also dont forget to change the hotspot

  • massithereaper


  • http:[email protected] MrMosoani

    Just now. It’s been awhile that I haven’t visited UCCW app. Now, because of this awesome screen, I’ll be busy theming with UCCW. Thanks again for sharing! :) (I’m one of your fans who also copied your other screen)

  • Jonstefad

    Wallpaper? :(

  • fauraj

    Awsome. Nice to have.

  • johnnada74

    @massithereaper @Jonstefad
    There is no wallpaper, just uccw widget. I’ll work on a blank screenshot in a while though.

  • Jonstefad

    How can that be possible? O.o

  • BadBrad

    Great job John!

  • johnnada74

    Well, uccw can be your best friend when you don’t have a computer or Photoshop. :-)

  • johnnada74

    Thank you :-)

  • masze


    Love this one, great work!

    im running my device on 240dpi, and the widget does not stretch out to border.. too bad but i just cant go back to 320dpi..

  • akhil7j

    Great work. Nice homescreen and thanks a million for sharing.! Awesome work

  • jaseouk

    Love it !! clean and smart !

  • MarcoJHB

    @JohnNada I’d love to do a video tutorial on this soon if I get time!

  • http:[email protected] darklichny

    Beautiful… very nice…

  • snysa

    Simply Awesome!

  • johnnada74

    Thanks everyone!

  • johnnada74

    That would be great! Thank you.

  • Xerxes

    Great work….I think I have a new screen.

  • http:[email protected] extraducksauce


  • pyromencer

    @Mikey1022 How you do that? teach me please.

  • johnnada74
  • deadlock

    All i can say is “WOOOW”…. very nice dude

  • javil118


  • napes22

    Amazing work! Anyone able to get it to fit the Galaxy Nexus?

  • ejb1013

    First of all, nice work and thanks for sharing … Secondly, the weather widget is acting funny for me. It wont refresh and I cant edit it in uccw. Any advice?

  • johnnada74


  • johnnada74

    thank you.

  • johnnada74

    Im not sure really. Have you tried restarting your phone?

  • ejb1013

    @johnnada74 sure did. I can edit the widget now but its still stuck on the same weather its been all day.

  • http:[email protected] gappank

    great..amazing work..

  • krystie

    wow~~~ it looks so fantastic !! Will you show the video tutorial ?? Please ~~~~~

  • johnnada74

    Does it update of you make a new date widget?

  • johnnada74

    @gappank @krystie
    Thanks :-) Marko from mycolorscreen should be working on a tutorial.

  • ejb1013

    @John Nada I finally got it to update properly … somehow in the process the current conditions icon disappeared lol … I figure it out soon. Thanks again

  • marqese

    This is so clean!!!!!love the way u used all uccw very very nice

  • johnnada74

    Good to hear and you’re welcome.

  • johnnada74

    Thank you :-)

  • http:[email protected] tvuk2000

    @Mikey1022 Hi Mikey I have the same issue as you not meeting the edges of the screen, I can’t figure out what you mean by “you have to apply the widgets in disabled fullscreen mode first and then expand it to fullscreen” What is disabled fullscreen mode is this a Nova setting or UCCW. Fantastic screen by the way :)

  • Mr_Zombie

    Do you have the PSDs files that I can edit the UI? :(

  • johnnada74

    Sorry, i didn’t use ps.

  • Mr_Zombie

    @johnnada74 If not. What do you use to make it? Because I would like to edit it a bit and use it on my phone. :(

  • johnnada74

    UCCW is all I use.

  • Mr_Zombie

    Anybody here uses this UI on Galaxy S2? Can I have the settings of Nova Launcher please?

  • Mr_Zombie

    @johnnada74 Ohh.. Ok then. Anyway. If I want to resize it. I need to resize it in the UCCW app right?

  • johnnada74


  • shrapner

    Applied this to my S3, looks wonderful but the weather widget just shows CT for current temp, and CC for current conditions. the location on the widget shows as the right area too. Any ideas?

  • Mr_Zombie

    @johnnada74 Hey John. Can I ask. Regarding to Softly Status Bar.uzip . How can I change the BACKGROUND Position? I would like to make them go Upwards because it doesn’t fits with my S2. :(

  • johnnada74

    Im not sure.. Anyone else? Id try rebooting to start, if you havnt already.

  • johnnada74

    Im not sure what you mean exactly.

  • bodhan1952

    excellent work well done going to try on my s3

  • johnnada74


  • HaGe

    I am wondering if there is a possibilty to set up such design without UCCW?
    ( because UCCW is slowing down my SGS1 )
    anyone ayn idea?

  • amalcns

    @HaGe after arranging the uccws to ur needs,u can takeba screenshot of it and use it as a wallpaper,hope that helps
    btw u might wanna use sslauncher coz its grid free:)

  • HaGe

    @Amal: thx 4 this helpful hint :-)
    by the way I use Lightning Launcher because it ha a free modus where U can modify the size of symbols and others more or less unlimited

  • shafer5

    anyone get this to fit the HTC DNA??

  • sputmann

    Great work! What font did you use?

  • nuclearsmegma

    John I love this and have in on my RAZR HD. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m having issues figuring out how to add an an un-read email count for a non-gmail account. I have the hotspot that will open email..but not sure how to add the un-read count. Anyone?

  • PAPutzback

    Can someone please explain to me how to get the widget to fill in with no space between the widget and the border? Is this the fullscreen mode people have asked about in the comments or is it just a matter of tweaking the grid size in Nova Launcher. I have still yet to find a Full screen mode setting anywhere.

  • johnnada74

    Not sure actually. Im giving Sslauncher a try for a while. I really feel like Nova was slowing things down pretty bad for me.

  • siddharta

    What did you do with weather widget? I have only my city and nohing else…

  • corscorpii

    a very good work, congratulations

  • Steve27uk

    Brilliant looking home screen, looks great on my S3, one problem though, I’m using eye in sky app and I live in England but it keeps saying New York and I can’t seem to change it, any ideas please?

  • lior_lev

    how can i setup the facebook and gmail acount for this widget

  • navarro6666

    Congratulations for creating, very intuitive and great, so I can make my mod …


Date Added: Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 8:42 pm