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  • spickett123

    Awesome work! Looking forward to setting this up my phone. Love it!!

  • crashcat007

    Spectacular attempt,and very well done on this,like this concept of specially designed for Nexus 4,,and happy to know you are already working on making a tutorial for this,looking forward to it :)

  • BadBrad

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

  • BadBrad

    By the way, I also have a cool lock screen for this design as well. I will be doing that setup shortly as well.

  • ssmarviz

    nice screen

  • hammadiqbal37

    how am i suppose to find this tutorial on youtube??? please help

  • DarkTemplar

    Great design, hope to see more from you.


    Looks good!!
    Waiting for tutorial and files :)

  • BadBrad

    Thanks everyone.
    @hammadiqbal37 I am working on the tutorial today. I will post it as soon as I can.

  • Hobo

    Excellent work, waiting for detailed video tutorial.

  • omnius1

    Looks Great!

  • BadBrad

    Okay I have the Youtube tutorial ready to go. Click here:

  • BadBrad

    @Hobo @omnius1
    Thanks for the feedback!


    @badbrad thx i love this set up, hope i can pull this on my captivate

  • hammadiqbal37

    unable to download install/restore files, dropbox link not working


    @hammadiqbal37 same here link not working

  • Platine

    There Is An Error In The Download Link.. Pls Check.. Cant Wait To Try This Out.. Loved Ur HOLO Eyes.. thanks Very Much..

  • BadBrad
  • suvroadrage

    Really Cool. I didn’t see it in the video, what is the Nova grid layout? I have Apex Pro so I am trying to make it work without installing and buying another launcher. Also are the PSD’s for the wallpapers available? Love the home screen colored Androids, where did you find that? Sorry, last one…as I am a new to this, it is possible to make all the widgets in just UCCW or Zooper without having to bounce between the two?

  • hammadiqbal37

    its awesome thanks alot… :D

  • BadBrad

    @suvroadrage THe grid size is 7×7. I found the android guys online and did a bunch of modifications in photoshop. I have uploaded my PSD for you here. It may be a bit messy but you should be able to figure it out.

    I’m sure it could all be done in UCCW. I don’t think Zooper allows you to assign the text to an app but it might now. I just haven;t check it out for a while in that regard. But you certainly can give it a go.

  • BadBrad

    @hammadiqbal37 Thanks so much!

  • suvroadrage

    @BadBrad AWESOME. Thanks.

  • BadBrad

    @suvroadrage Welcome. Have fun with it!

  • chocs2u

    Wow amazin cool homescreen…now just waiting for you to upload the lockscreen u have at the beginning and it would then be awesome..weird though i had to manually move your backup file to the location where nova could pick it up.

  • BadBrad

    @chocs2u Thank you! I have uploaded the files and text instructions on how to apply the locker screen. I will try to do a Youtube tutorial on it shortly.

  • Kleavage

    That nexus 4 reflective back wallpaper on the dock looks amazing. Great idea man. Looks incredible.

  • BadBrad

    @Kleavage thank you. Much appreciated.

  • BadBrad

    @chocs2u It looks like I had the backup file in the wrong spot. I have updated my files.

  • micmars

    @BadBrad Beautiful work! Any thoughts on migrating this to the Galaxy SII? My thoughts are resize the wallpapers and play with the grid sizes. If you have any specifics, please share. Thanks!

  • BadBrad

    @micmars Hi. I actually have a Galaxy S2. I will see if I can get the sizes sorted out for you. Give me the weekend to see if I can do it. Thanks

  • micmars

    @BadBrad, thanks! I’ll at least have a look at the PSD file. Thanks for the extraordinary work and fine attention to detail. It is very much appreciated.

  • BadBrad

    @micmars Hey no sweat. Let me know how it works out and if I can help.

  • pjdroidx

    the better and easier installation, thank you very much for the support and the tutorial, but I love my nexus 4

  • Smooth918

    Man! I Love this Theme Brad, Thanks a bunch, waiting for that lock screen Tut!

  • BadBrad

    @pjdroidx Glad you found the installation easy. I love my Nexus 4 too.

  • BadBrad

    @Smooth918 Thanks so much. I added a text tutorial for the lock screen. I think you would be able to get it set up. It’s pretty straight forward. I am going to try to add a video this weekend. Cheers.

  • 04tho79

    @BadBrad Do you need all the widgets for the backup to work or something. Nova force closes when I restore your backup. Other backups are fine. Bit confused. Any advice or ideas?

  • BadBrad

    @04tho79 you don’t need any widgets to make it work. I am using the Nova Beta option so I get the latest updates. You could consider trying to upgrade to that version and see what happens. Just go to settings then scroll down to where it says the Nova version check for updates. When the box opens select the 3 dots to bring up additional settings. Select beta and auto update.

    Also you could try to uninstall/reinstall Nova.

  • 04tho79

    @BadBrad thanks for the reply. i tried re installing. btw this isn’t on a n4. does that make a difference?

  • BadBrad

    @04tho79 It shouldn’t make a difference. But it could be a memory issue if its on a older phone. Sorry. Not sure what to suggest.

  • chocs2u

    @BadBrad are u sure brad as i redownloaded the link again to get that locksreen wallpaper…but where is the text instruction to do the lockscreen bit as i only see intructions that are the same put here and on youtube. Or am i missing something?

  • RotorHard

    @BadBrad this is so clean and instructions were perfect. Thank you! Running on Galaxy S3.

  • BadBrad

    @chocs2u I have the tutorial here It’s on the right column.

  • BadBrad

    @RotorHard Glad you got it working on the S3. Did you have to make any adjustments? I’ve had a couple of people saying it didn’t fit right but I have no way to test it. If you could let me know I would appreciate it.

  • Rav3rs

    @BadBrad I’m also running it on an AT&T S3, but the wallpapers make the widgest seem uncentered. It’s kind of annoying, I really love this setup. :( You can see that all of the widgets seem unaligned with the wallpapers.

    Here are some screenshots for you!

  • BadBrad

    @RotorHard I did a revised wallpaper for the Samsung GS3. I am not sure if it will fit perfect or not, but if someone tries it and lets me know if it works or needs adjusting I can work on it. THe file is here I have uploaded a revised file here: try this one and let me know if it works

  • lesslikeyou

    You are the best. Totally awesome. Thanks.

  • bodotdot

    I’m new to this, but I like this design so much, I’m going to try it out on my Nexus 7 tablet.

  • darklichny

    Well done man… with the new play store look just released it ties in perfectly…

  • BadBrad

    @bodotdot It may work on a Nexus 7. Let me know how you make out please!

  • BadBrad

    @darklichny Thank you!

  • bodotdot

    @BadBrad My Nexus 7 isn’t rooted. Your instructions say to store the files in the root directory. All of my downloads go to “Downloads.” Do they need to be placed in a different folder?

  • Rav3rs


    With the new wallpaper. It’s almost there, so close!

  • Caduceuz_Droid

    @BadBrad heloo sir badbrad can I make a little request please, can you please add another screen for GAMES pls :) thank you Great theme by the way

    I’m having a problem on my S3, the widgets doesn’t fit. I tried the file upload here and fits perfectly, but where’s the other wallpapers? The file provided is only for the Play screen, I tried re-sizing the other walls but I failed. Please help. thanks.

  • BadBrad

    @Caduceuz_Droid I uploaded that one just to see if the size worked as I was winging it a bit. I will do the others and upload them for you in a separate file. Give me an hour.

  • BadBrad

    @bodotdot When I say root directory I just mean they need to go into the main folder of your phone. It would probably be easier to do this portion on your computer.

  • Caduceuz_Droid

    @BadBrad Thank you sir ^_^ please also inclued for the locker and games if you have thanks a lot

  • BadBrad

    @Caduceuz_Droid Okay I have updated my files to include a bunch of new wallpapers. Plus there is also a folder called GS3. This has the resized images for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Enjoy!

  • BadBrad

    @Caduceuz_Droid Okay locker screen has also been added. Let me know if that fits.

  • OmarCast

    I’m using it on my S3. Tks for your support. Great job.

  • BadBrad

    @OmarCast great to hear that it fits.

  • chuckEchedda

    Just wanted to tell you great job, and that Im rocking this on my S3. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • BadBrad

    @chuckEchedda thank you.. I’m glad the revised wallpapers worked out.

  • kaptawesome

    Trying to download this bad boy but the zip file keeps coming up as “bad”
    If you could drop another link or another zip that would be great!
    Or email it to me

  • BadBrad
  • uan

    @BadBrad where can I find the files for the gs3? Thanks
    found….. :-)

  • uan

    BadBrad the multilive wallpaper is possible on gs3? Thank

  • BadBrad

    @uan The files are the same with the exception of the wallpapers. There is an additional folder in the directory called theme/nexus-life/gs3. Just use those instead.

    Multi Live wallpaper is possible on your GS3.

  • Havoqq

    I just registered to thank you for this. Awesome setup.

  • BadBrad

    @Havoqq thank you very much. Glad you like it. Cheers.

  • Havoqq

    @BadBrad Fantastic tutorial videos as well! Now what REALLY pisses me off: … wait for it … I can’t decide whether I want to use this or your Symmetry as a daily driver. Totally slick as well. You magnificent bastard ;).


  • BadBrad

    @Havoqq Lol. Haha. Too funny. Thanks man. Do Nexus Life first, keep it for a week or so then do Symmetry. Lots of time to enjoy both. Cheers

  • LauraSakura

    Hmm… the wallpapers don’t seem to fit correctly on my Nexus 4. I’m using the ones in the Nexus Life folder, not the gs3 folder. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

  • BadBrad

    Are you running a different ROM? I only did it for a stock N4, so I’m not sure what the adjustment would be.

  • Pwedy

    Damn this is a fabulous theme…brings smiles to my face every time i use it..You are an Artista…well done and look forward to your future creations!!!!!

  • BadBrad

    @Pwedy Thanks. Much appreciated. Glad you like it. More to come :-)

  • shally02

    Hi There,
    LOVE this but I can’t find the NOVA backup in the restore in Nova Launcher. I think another poster said he had to move it where Nova could find it. Do you happen to know where that is?

  • shally02

    Hi there,
    Can you tell me where you moved the restore file so that Nova could find it? I am having a heck of a time with this step.

  • BadBrad

    @shally02 I don’t think the location has changed. Should be data/com.teslacoilsw.launcher/backup

  • Johnnyhands

    @BadBrad I’m having some difficulty with the first couple of zooper widget restores. For whatever reason, when I click on the empty widget it tells me that the app is not installed… It definitely is. Let me know if you’ve ever come across this before, and how you fixed it. Thanks!

  • BadBrad

    some people have mentioned this. I think it’s because the update to Zooper widget. Are you able to save your own widgets then reload them?


Date Added: Saturday, April 6th, 2013 at 9:33 pm

It’s a Nexus Life!

Anyone who has a Nexus phone or tablet knows the benefits of pure Android. From the clean UI to the speed and fluid operation, Nexus devices epitomize the Android experience. And let’s not forget about those updates!

This design is super versatile and a lot of fun. It allows you to have a number of critical screen options. I have also included a few extra plain wallpapers along with a few transparent PNG versions if you are able to use a image editor to create your own non-Nexus wallpapers so you can customize it and make it your own if you like.

Have fun and Enjoy!

Apps and Widgets Needed

Nova Launcher Prime:
Zooper Widget Pro:
Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW):
Simple Text:
Desktop Visualizer:
Eye in Sky Weather:
Power Toggles Widget:
SMPL White Theme Icons:
MIUI X4 icons:

[Optional widgets for far left and right screens]
Calculator Widget 10 Themes:
Neat Calendar Widget:



1. Download all install/restore files here:

2. Copy all folders to root folder of your phone. Usually: Computer\Nexus 4\Internal storage

3. Install Nova Launcher Prime and all other listed apps/widgets. Go into settings/ Backup and locate the “Nexus Life” backup file to restore.

4. Setup screens for Multilive wallper and widgets as seen in youtube video located at:

5. Show it off to your friends!

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