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  • Bakari

    Clean and simple. I like it!

  • kahvitahra



  • Charles55

    Very nice and minimalistic. Suppose I would like to make a phonecall….how would that work in this setup?

  • kahvitahra



    I use gestures for those. App drawer opens by swiping up and notifications come down by swiping down. You can make all kind of gestures in apex launcher ( like pinch etc. ) Or then you can just add icons to bottom if you like those :)

  • http:[email protected] Led_ce4arab


  • kahvitahra


    Great that you like it! There’s that “love” button also ;)

  • Mickaelkiki

    Cool i love it !

  • kahvitahra


    Thank you!

  • captainmcfunk

    In your image up top, it shows the UCCW in indentions in the wallpaper, the wallpapers dont reflect this, how is this replicated?


  • kahvitahra



    I’m not 100% sure did I understand what you meant. Time, weather and battery is UCCW. Launcher I use is Apex and that is pointed to upper part of image. That copper droid on top is in wallpaper. You’ll find that in that dropbox link that is in description. ( also 3 other type of wallpaper. Small thumbnail images on dropbox shows only 4 black images, but click on those and you will see the whole wallpaper.

    I hope this was answer to your question. :)

  • Rasa13

    very nice! thanks for sharing!

  • kahvitahra


    Thank you for comment! Great that you like it :)

  • MaryDrummer

    Have you got the uzip files for the widgets? It’s a great screen! :D

  • kahvitahra


    Thanks! Link for those and wallpaper is in description.

  • Darthvapor

    Thanks man

  • kahvitahra


    Great that you like it!

  • mystro2b

    Great work! What font did you use for the uzips? Thanks!

  • kahvitahra


    Thank you!

    It’s Hagin Caps Medium.

  • mystro2b

    @kahvitahra super! thanks! allowed me to change your static text in weather uzip to location that matched font

Date Added: Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 4:25 am

One simple minimalistic leather screen.

3 Widgets, all UCCW ( 5×2 ). Apex grid size is 10×8. For opening app drawer etc. I use gestures. ( Apex settings – Behavior settings – Gestures )

I made 4 different wallpapers. Droid, girl, skull and heart. All these and .uzips are found in link below.