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  1. 1. Set Nova Launcher Prime to 10 X 7
  2. 2. HD Widgets with a transparent background
  3. 3. Set Aix Weather and make sure you "calibrate it" to your screen. Otherwise it will look weird
  4. 4. Set up Zooper Widgets Pro for the circle clock. I deleted the alarm and changed it to the date and tweaked the colors in the progress bars
  5. 5. Set up Simple Calendar. Real simple, make sure you play with the fonts section
  6. 6. Set up Elixir Widget 1x7 (Hide the last slot to make it look bigger, I only use 6 slots. There is also where you change the icons
  7. 7. Set up UCCW attached. Very simple 4 X 4
  8. 8. Set up the LWP
Date Added: Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Here is the set up.
1. Nova Launcher Prime (for notifications ) 10 X 7. Hide dock. I have the swipe motion to toggle the Notification Bar.
2. Set all of your Notification apps at the bottom and change the icon to the transparent png I posted. ( you can also change the name here)
3. Make sure the setting in Nova allows you to overlap the widgets (can you lock the screen afterwards)
The Icons pack was purchased here
Everything else is self explanatory. Tweak to your liking.