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  • http:[email protected] bikinibottom100

    hey can you share some details on how you made / what you used? This looks awesome and I want to copy it :)

  • Myrrhman

    Amazing !! Could you please share the files for the battery and the weather…PLEASE ? :)

  • Cruicruise

    Tread lightly

  • Chapman96

    please share the files

Date Added: Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 3:04 pm

While waiting for the show to air again, I played with a couple of ideas I had.
turned out a bit messy but still so fun to play around with.
top right: battery bar, flask drains as the baterry discharges.
top left: weather
center: date and time
fly: tasker moves it around
bottom: all the essentials