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  • Ishimaru

    This is AMAZING! :D Brilliant job. Is there any chance you could please share your walls?

  • simomura

    @Ishimaru here they are ;)
    i put the link to the zip file

  • Ishimaru

    @simomura THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

  • Ishimaru

    Sorry to bother you again, but what is the name of the font you use? I can’t for the life of me remember. D:

  • simomura

    @Ishimaru the font is “Anime Ace” ;)
    you can find here :

  • http:[email protected] shmogt

    Great idea

  • priestsyrinx

    Tremendous job! Love it!

  • http:[email protected] Zeebad

    This is awesome.

  • Ishimaru


    CHEERS!! I found a Comic one, to use as well. Also from that Website. Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  • http:[email protected] jacobb23

    been watching youtube videos for days..never went to the site. Now I have. Sweet setup!
    Where is the link that you posted to the zip file? Would love to rock this on my gs3

    edit: never mind I found it. Thanks! Awesome work!

  • Harneet1988


  • simomura

    @Harneet1988 in the “Wallpaper” link you can find a Zip file with 5 wallpapers and the info txt file ( short tutorial and font name )

  • http:[email protected] 14akaz

    love the consept

  • Harneet1988

    Got it… Thanks… :)

  • Daphen

    Hello, Brobeans.
    I’d like to know which comics u’ve used. I love the artstyle. Theeeeenks! <3

  • simomura

    @Daphen all comics designed by Humberto Ramos, “spiderman” especially .. but also “the amazing spiderman”, “deadpool” and some numbers of “New X-men” ;)

  • Daphen

    Thanks alot! :)

  • bpack7

    I am a huge marvel fan and this is amazing. Awesome job. I have the fonts, wallpapers all set, and animation. I just have to plug in all the uccw’s and such. I have ran into a problem and need help though. I try to put something in the bubble with spiderman and just gives me a red area basically saying I cant put anything there or anything on top of about an inch of the top of my screen. Any ideas? Im sure its an easy fix. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

  • simomura

    @bpack7 i think this can Fix the problem:
    go in SSlauncher menu > preferences > check “disable Trashcan”
    then go in SSlauncher menu > Theme > Label > check “hide Labels”

  • http:[email protected] nudr01d

    @simomura excellent concept! I’ve just used this to do my screens based on my preference of comic. Thanks

  • moonfang12

    this more like it…
    can someone tell me where is the link? for the zip file?

  • sebastoo69

    How do you make wallpapers with photoshop ? I would like make personalized wallpapers…
    Sorry if my English is not good, because I’m french….

  • ozzie86_uk

    Brilliant Theme.
    What are the odds on you adding this to the Themerapp theme list?


  1. 1. Photoshop for the wallpapers
  2. 2. SSLauncher shortcut
  3. 3. UCCW widget for Clock e Meteo
  4. 4. Paper Animation on SSLauncher
Date Added: Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 10:30 am

Home inspired by Marvel comics
All drawings by Humberto Ramos
Spiderman , Iron Man , Wolverine , Hulk , Thor , Venom ecc..
SSLauncher e UCCW