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  • TechMasterGirl

    Very Nice work I can’t wait for the files

  • animoo

    @TechMasterGirl thank you!

  • mystro2b

    This is stunning work! wow

  • ukiceman

    Very nice indeed :)

  • animoo
  • cuezaireekaa

    So nice! You are one of my favorite designers here for good reason. Youre creativity is always a joy to behold.

  • animoo

    @cuezaireekaa thank you, i appereciate your words very much:)

  • noonespecial

    Actually, in ssLauncher, you could do most of this without the background images. You can adjust the size, rotation, and fonts of shortcuts. ;)

  • noonespecial

    Oh, P.S. Didn’t mean for that to sound like “Nay Saying”. Regardless of launcher capibilities, it is the design that is important and this is absolutely stunningly beautiful. IMHO, one of the best and original screens I’ve seen in months. I absolutely love it.

  • animoo

    @noonespecial Thanks for your opinion! To tell you the truth, I could have made it with fully UCCW as well, but it is very difficult, mainly because of the small preview in UCCW app. I made fullscreen widget, it is very practical, and easily adaptable, but the reason why not is written above. It’s much more simple with PS, you can format layers simultaneously and so on.:)

  • Desspil

    Nice shot and presentation too !

  • animoo

    @Desspil Thank you, mate :)

  • micmars

    Beautiful work, original and minimal. Love it.

  • yongs73

    I like it, simple and stylish :)

  • animoo

    @micmars @yongs73 thank you:)

  • semati

    Another nice screen by you,i like it :)

  • animoo

    @semati thank you very much:)

  • Mr_2fngrz

    Gotta say this IS original. Nice job

  • animoo

    @Mr_2fngrz thanks:)

  • chuckyo1980

    wonderful – amazing. great work

  • animoo

    @chuckyo1980 thank you!

  • sgs414213

    sucks .

Date Added: Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 8:05 pm

I played around with different kinds of fonts and it turned into a home screen. :) There are no icons used, except weather. Everything is typed. The solution was ssLauncher with transparent shortcuts, dock, labels, statusbar disabled. I set the wall with Nova Launcher (it’s a shame, but I don’t think it is possible to set fullscreen one page walls with ssLauncher correctly).
There are two versions, as in the end I’ve got another idea, which is even more cleaner than the original.
Zoom for more details.
I uploaded wallpapers. In the folder there is a plus lockscreen bg, and a red version of the original.