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  • faridcom

    The most impressive lockscreen I’ve ever seen …
    Care to Share :)


  • ruvort

    Could you please share the widget locker theme?

  • betinho

    Share files please

  • garyarts

    nice and clean!

  • empol

    @faridcom @garyarts thank you :)

    @ruvort @betinho Download added, you can find tutorial in the folder ;)

  • peterpan79

    i dont understand beacuse when i copy the wltheme android 5.0 in the right folder after when i go to add the personal slider in the lookscreen i cant see it in the rest of theme

  • empol

    @peterpan79 Now there is a great video tutorial by Marco Hagas, where is explained everything step by step ;)

  • kafeaulait

    Any chance you could do/write a tutorial for making a custom ICS-style Widgetlocker slider/unlock ring?

  • peterpan79

    @empol i dont understand why dont work the missed calls and message uccw file……i have 2 missed calls but the counter in the lookscreen is always 0

  • empol

    @peterpan79 i don’t know, sometimes UCCW is a little bit slow to update notifications, but i can’t solve this problem

  • peterpan79

    ok thx whatever

  • empol

    @peterpan79 mi dispiace non poterti aiutare, però se ti serve una mano riguardo la home sono a disposizione ;)

  • ms54

    Hey how can I get my time and notifications a little bit brighter. Its hard to see it in the daytime.

  • dywerd

    Great!! I LOVE it!!

  • Arcaziel


  • empol

    @dywerd @Arcaziel thank you ;)

    @ms54 you have to change the colors in the uccw’s settings

  • spriggan0000

    beautiful lockscreen! Thank you :D

  • guna071

    nice lockscreen
    I just make new homescreen based on this lockscreen

  • empol

    @spriggan0000 @guna071 thank you, i’m happy that this can be an isnpiration ;)

  • Cyanlux

    clean and functionally!

  • edwardmj

    Where is the widget locker theme?? I can’t find that

  • empol
  • Deltrack456

    excellent! it’s very nice!

  • empol

    @Deltrack456 thank you :)

  • samgoalie17

    Hey @empol this lockscreen is really cool! One thing though, how can I get the notification icons to be more visible?

  • empol

    @samgoalie17 you have to change the color in UCCW settings ;)

  • samgoalie17

    @empol I tried, but its not giving me the option to for the SMS picture and phone picture. Only for the text

  • empol

    @samgoalie17 yes, because the icons are grey, you have to change che icons with white ones

  • Reznott

    Very nice.

  • calgarcia

    Love this lock screen, its really slick! Can you change the ICS blue lock icon to another color? Green , red or yellow options would really complete my whole phone theme

  • bfranco19

    anyway i could change the clock to 12 hour?

  • bcarter2360

    It Wont let me download the WL theme. Have tried several times and nothing! Just let’s me download the image files and not the whole theme :-(

  • Bernas

    instead of the dialer can you provide an icon for messaging, because i use that alot. Thanks, btw sick lockscreen i’ve been using it since forever! love it

  • xunit94

    @empol Hey could you please provide with an icon for messaging :/ there is one there but it comes out weird and not like the others, please thank you if you can! :)

  • Mirrrr

    Wow stunning. I stole your tutorial of you! thanks you for sharing

  • John Vincent Duran Osorio

    how to download?


Date Added: Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 11:16 am

Freely inspired by Android 5.0 lockscreen widgetlocker by Marc22 (
A great thanks to Marco Hagas for the video tutorial ;)

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