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Comic Glory V2 Android Homescreen by ErikWithNoC - MyColorscreen
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Screen Of the Day on 06/11/2013
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/TraktoR6666 TraktoR6666

    Love this one! Great concept and colorful!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @TraktoR6666 Thanks man!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/TraktoR6666 TraktoR6666

    and…nice quote about someone else’s hand ! haha

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    Hahaha thanks. I often see people use shots like that and didn’t know how to give credit. Figured that was good enough.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/AaronDeVante AaronDeVante

    Im having a problem making the widgets

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    I updated the zip file in my description so it now contains the black bar.uzip file. Sorry for the slip up! I’ll leave the other dropbox link in my comment above just in case you still need the black bar only.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @AaronDeVante Ok so my original replay still says “awaiting moderation” since 11:41am, which is crazy, but what problems are you having exactly?

    Also, here is the dropbox link just for the black bar.uzip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22zps37fmuvrjkp/Black%20Bar.uzip

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/empol empol

    supercool !!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/peachananr Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 06/11/13

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/123786 123786

    The media fire link doesn’t seem to be working for if you don’t mind could you upload it to dropbox thanks in advance

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/NoahGia NoahGia

    where are all the other “tiles” if you will? There are plenty in the pictures you have posted but I only see eight in the fie i downloaded. How can this become three screens?
    Thanks, it’s probably something I’m doing wrong.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @123786 Hmm, I’m still able to download it. Would you mind trying again? If it still doesn’t let you I’ll upload it to Dropbox :)

    @NoahGia Someone forgot to read the reeeaaad me :p That’s ok though, the comic tiles are arranged in bars of 4. Having them setup individually caused to much lag due to the amount of widgets. There are 6 bars and the .uzips for them are in the “Comic Tile Bar uzips” folder.

    @Peachanan OMG. Thank you! That is so awesome!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Barnes7599 Barnes7599

    Mediafire not working for me, great job… Looks really good!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/animoo animoo


  • http:[email protected] shmogt

    I really like your layout

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @Barnes7599 Dang, guess Mediafire isn’t working for everyone. Thanks for the heads up.

    Dropbox link for the zip file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/btujgrk9enaccj2/Comic%20Glory.zip

    @animoo @shmogt Thanks guys!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/sonicdeathmunky sonicdeathmunky

    This is fantastic! Getting my HTC One in a few weeks, going to try this homescreen first :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/legend2k12 legend2k12

    May i ask if you can provide widgets that we can edit the text? I know that like me other lurkers here in mycolorscreen dont use the apps included in the widgets.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @sonicdeathmunky You’re gonna absolutely love the HTC One! It’s such a great phone and I’m glad to hear you’re getting one :D

    @legend2k12 I really, really, wish I could provide it in an easier way. The zip file I have does contain the individual tiles which you can edit any way you want. Technically, you could actually lay an individual tile over the bar in anyplace you’d like. The problem is that using too many of the UCCW tiles can cause lag on the homescreen. I originally did this with them all as individual tiles and my folders wouldn’t even open smoothly. By combining 4 into 1, I was able to expand on my idea and not have any lag. I tried to keep most of the tile names to something generic so you can reassign the hotspot, but I realize “Guitar” probably isn’t the easiest for everyone :/

    Like I said, I really wish it could be simpler. If you don’t have photoshop/aren’t familiar with it, your best bet is to simply edit one of the individual tiles uzips I included in my download and overlay that ontop of a tile in the bar.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/panyongs73 yongs73

    I Love it,file sharing thank :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/hairy9802 hairy9802

    @Erik B. any idea for lockscreen using this setup?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @yongs73 Thanks man!

    @hairy9802 I haven’t really looked into it yet. I don’t use WidgetLocker and I find that the Sense 5 lockscreen actually fits pretty well with it as is. I guess I’d say I don’t have any plans on working on a lockscreen right now, I’ll leave that up to you guys :P

  • http:[email protected] smackiesfunkies

    oh man this is amazing! ive seriously spent days and days trying to find the right theme and nothing was quite right for me. but then i saw this! thanks so much. tweaking it right now!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/iPhoneman2K iPhoneman2K

    Excellent work! Hope to see some of your stuff up on the UCCW: World of Widgets community page on Google+.https://plus.google.com/communities/111640309561580921447

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @smackiesfunkies I really appreciate that! I’m happy I could help you find something you’re looking for :)

    @iPhoneman2K Didn’t even know about that. This is my first time using UCCW to be honest. Hopefully I can come up with some better stuff in time.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/hairy9802 hairy9802
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jacson46 jacson46

    gr8 work million thanx :beer:

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Ozbozz Ozbozz

    Great work. Really love this a lot.

    I’m just setting it up on my Galaxy Nexus but I’m having trouble with making my own tiles. I open one of the 8 you provided but when I change the “Image 1″ comic art to one of the supplied comic wallpapers and scale it to fit the box, it overlaps the border at the bottom!

    Any suggestions?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @Ozbozz The comics I provided are at there full size. I should’ve specified this in the instructions, but what I did was crop them at a 1×1 scale so the section I wanted became a perfect square. That way when I scaled it in UCCW it fit into the black square properly. My bad!

    @hairy9802 Dude that looks awesome! Good work. Maybe change that slide out to a lightish blue (like the holo blue) or a dark gray? I’m not sure, but it looks great!

    @jacson46 Thanks man :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/spiderwig spiderwig

    Love it! But I have a problem adding apps to hotspots. When I try to choose an app UCCW crashes!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @spiderwig That’s really odd. I don’t think that’s something I know how to fix unfortunately :( Are you using the bars or individual tiles?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/zeroseveneleven zeroseveneleven

    So, this is my version of this great homescreen setup. I simply changed the standard icons, because of UCCW crashing all the time… http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/06/15/erik-b-s-comic-glory-spidey-edit/

  • http:[email protected] griddark

    Such a wonderful choice of colours and design, I think stan lee would be impressed, we should all spam his youtube channel and get him to review this!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/owlxandra owlxandra

    something is causing uccw to crash like crazy!. Any tips on what it might be?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/zeroseveneleven zeroseveneleven

    @owlxandra Same Problem here. I used to take simple icons instead of using UCCW.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/shauney3 shauney3

    Hey Erik, love the Theme! I’m having a bit of trouble with the black bars though. I have set the width and height margins to ‘none’ but they still aren’t touching the edges. I followed your instructions perfectly but they still about 10px off each side. I’m using a Nexus 4 so 720×1184 res. Any ideas? Thanks

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/zeroseveneleven zeroseveneleven

    @shauney3 did you try to increase the height while resizing the widget? i had the same problem. first i stretched the widgets width and got the same problem as you discribed. then i resized it again and pulled it up. then it worked for me and fits perfectly. if this won’t help set black bars with photoshop. if no photoshop set the widgets make a screenshot and i will fill in the black lines, if its okay.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/tokenblack99 tokenblack99

    I was looking for a new Homescreen for my HTC One and this is the only one I found and I love it good job man.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/pedrogelli pedrogelli

    Nice design! Very good!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/shauney3 shauney3

    @zeroseveneleven Yeah i tried both, height and width. Still seems to be some sort of invisible margin on the sides of the main homescreen. Really annoying.. arrrgh =)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/bebe012 bebe012

    This theme ROCKS! You should really create a lockscreen for this to match it’s awesomeness! ;)
    Keep up the good work Erik!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jcarlso10694 jcarlso10694

    Anyone able to get this fitted on the GS4? I can’t get the black bars to stretch completely from side to side to side, there’s always a gap.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/kolatrijal kolatrijal


    i used 4×4 widget for black bars and it’s worked on my GS4

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ErikWithNoC ErikWithNoC

    @owlxandra What device are you on? The only thing I can think of is that your device is running out of RAM or something causing UCCW to crash. I really don’t know though :(

    @shauney3 So you’ve tried enlarging it both horizontally and vertically to a 4×4? And you’re using Nova? That doesn’t make sense :/ You could try editing the black bar in UCCW and enlarging its dimensions, but that really shouldn’t be necessary since it’s just a static black bar. Alternatively, you can use the supplied wallpaper with the black bars as part of the image.

    Thank you all very much! I really appreciate the positive feedback :)

    @jcarlso10694 Same problem as the person above? That’s really weird because the GS4 has the same screen res as the HTC One. That shouldn’t even really matter though since in the video tutorial, Marco did it with a Nexus 4. Have you resized the bars to a 4×4?

    @griddark LOL. If Stan Lee used this for even a second my life would be complete.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jcarlso10694 jcarlso10694

    Yeah, I followed the tutorial exactly and just tried resizing to a 4×4. If you’d like, I can send you a screenshot of the gaps. I don’t get it either.

  • http:[email protected] Humu Toor

    Does anyone have the issue with the phone lagging and become almost unresponsive? I’m trying to set up a 3 screen set up as show on the video but the phone becomes unbearably school bordering on unusable. I don’t think its a ram issue as I am using a nexus 4 just like the tutorial.

    Edit: Never Mind, just reread the readme file and all is good to go. Thanks for this amazing screen

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/superganey superganey

    Had some serious issues with UCCW as well. The thing crashed on me all the time while editing and doing stuff. Then I used Desktop Visualizer for the icons and did the editing stuff through photoshop, which worked perfectly fine.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/tyjsimm tyjsimm

    Great screen, great tutorial, great read me instructions for changing individual buttons… just all around great.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/devashish devashish


  • http:[email protected] crash2105

    Great screen. I am having trouble getting this to work. I have enable hotspot using UCCW. After I do this, I click on the icon and nothing happens. When hotspot is off and I click on the icon UCCW app loads so I can make changes. I am new to this app so any help would be awesome

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/snizzle_dizzle snizzle_dizzle

    I’m having trouble getting the icons, I have downloaded the dropbox link but when I go to the UCCW to choose the file it is doesn’t have the file on there only the black box uzip could you give me some help?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ridanxvi ridanxvi

    I love this great theme but uccw crashes everytime I tried editing the hotspots. I think this theme needs and deserves to be updated…

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/for3st for3st

    one of the themes but i hate uccw big batterie eater monster app.. i wish some one who have time and skill redesign this theme for zooper would be great where you can edited everything …i am even willing to pay for the theme if some one can create for zooper ,,, love what Erik B. done here ,but this theme need to be update


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Date Added: Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 11:56 pm

Take 2! This time with more comics, better pictures, and more things to download!


As said in my first version, I really like comics, especially the art design in the older styles. As I was looking for a wallpaper the other day I started downloading a whole bunch. One idea lead to another and this is what I ended up with.

Each bar of 4 comic tiles is 1 UCCW widget with hotspots. The black bars are also UCCW widgets, but I have a .psd file if you’d like to have the black bars be part of the wallpaper.

Now this theme was designed for the HTC One and other 1080p devices. I can’t guarantee how this setup will look/work on anything but those devices.

1. Have Nova Launcher
2. Have UCCW
3. Download my .zip file from: http://www.mediafire.com/download/shhq2c8raqet4l7/Comic_Glory.zip


4. Set grid size in Nova to 6×4, 3 pages!
5. Width and Height Margins: None
6. Infinite Scroll: YES
7. Widget overlap stuff enabled
8. Enable dock (2 pages, 4 app size)
9. Do not show scroll indicator or divider
10. Hide notification bar under “Look and feel”

11. Place a UCCW widget of the “Black Bar” uzip I have.
12. Resize this to a 4×4 widget and align as seen in pictures.
13. Repeat this until you have all bars in place.
14. Place a 4×1 UCCW widget of the Comic Tile Bar’s (top 1-3, bottom 1-3) and resize them over the black bars (still 4×1). These are in the “Comic Tile Bar uzips” folder.
15. Repeat this until bars are in place.

This setup can work in multiple configurations. You can hide the dock, keep the notification bar, have 3 black bars, etc, etc, etc. It’s really up to you and how you want it to look. The above instructions are merely the way I have it setup on my phone and in the screenshots. Devices with different resolutions may vary from what I wrote above.

I also have 4 white icons in my dock. These are actually folders I have setup for favorites, games, etc with a specific icon from the “Flatcons White” pack in Google Play. I told you to setup 2 dock pages so one is empty and one has your 4 apps/folders. This way you can swipe it out of the picture and just have the bars, or leave it there when you need it!

– ATMOSF3AR/Danish Prakish for the HTC Mockup!
– Marco from MyColorScreen for the awesome video tutorial!

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