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Screen Of the Day on 06/13/2013
  • toxicthunder

    All files can be found here –

    In case of any difficulties, feel free to contact me via Google+ or Twitter



  • animoo

    Like the logotype very much!:)

  • Cyanlux

    so awesome, i love it!

  • alperaltun

    love :)

  • yongs73

    Lovely idea,file sharing thank :)

  • toxicthunder

    Thank you everyone :)

  • Tobbe

    Great looking screen. Awesome work.


  • toxicthunder

    @Tobbe thank you :)

  • hairy9802

    do u mind to share psd?

  • toxicthunder

    yes I do,
    because you didn’t bother to read my first posts….


  • nickacs

    So good bro! Nice and clean…love it!

  • vallarellas

    I Like it!!!!

  • toxicthunder

    Thank you :)

  • jagustinn

    can you please share the uccw you used for the calender on screen one at the very top…?

  • amalcns

    hi bro,r u frm india?:)

  • http:[email protected] Agerkvist

    That’s Eye in the Sky you’re using as a weather widget? Nice screen. What launcher and grid size are you using?

  • thehavoc

    This should be the James Bond phone, the UI is perfect !

  • toxicthunder

    @Agerkvist Yes it is eye in the sky…launcher is nova (but you can use any) and grid-size could be anything above 10px. As long as it fits across your screen.

  • toxicthunder

    @thehavoc haha, lol thanks :)

  • izzylove

    Is there any way to photo shop the I. D. Pic out?

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 06/13/13

  • toxicthunder

    @Peachanan Thank you :)

  • kilroy216

    I found Superman :)

  • Gordon

    this is the perfect screen for man…
    nice screen!

  • toxicthunder

    @Gordon thank you!

  • Tosin01

    Great job

  • http:[email protected] MuhdAzemie93

    what laucher used? how to setup it?
    #very nice homescreen. :D

  • arielxarg

    nice setup, mate ! love it.

  • HansCastorp

    love it. Big RF fan

  • Cheffy

    Great look. What fonts are used in this? Also, I’m uncertain how to change cities for the weather.

  • toxicthunder

    Fonts are from the apps or widgets that I have used. Nothing from my side :)

  • http:[email protected] griddark

    Thank You so much for being so visually minded, and thoughtful for releasing your work for free! You are a +1 for the human race.

  • TheWizKid95

    So how exactly are you using Nova to set a wallpaper for an individual screen?

  • samhajime

    can you please share the uccw you used for the calender on screen one at the very top…? and also the news widget

  • cholmesg1

    For some reason I feel this should be in a GQ Magazine or something. Looks elegant and really well suited for a business setting so def gonna set this up on mine…Thanks.

  • andymyrick
  • pedrogelli


  • nareshmdu

    can someone please explain how to use these… i just love them, but don’t know how to use them… i’m a newbie. sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks in advance..

  • pedrogelli

    are u using multipicture live wallpaper? if so, what transition are u using? Can u share the wallpapers psds? I’m trying to make it black version. What widget are you using for the news at the first page?Thanks!

  • toxicthunder

    @samhajime calendar is ‘neat calendar widget’ i think. News is using Simple RSS Reader.

  • toxicthunder

    @nareshmdu Check out the mycolorscreen channel on YouTube. @MarcoJB has put in a lot of effort in there to explain the various nitty-gritties of theming. His tutorials are very easy to follow.

  • toxicthunder

    @pedrogelli Yes I am using MPLW. Transition is ‘Slide’ I think. Whatever seems best to you.

    Have already provided all files.

  • disaresta

    Thanks for this!! It took a while but I managed to make this work for my HTC One.. Here’s a screenshot:

  • udimars30
  • kumaresh

    @disaresta where did you got those shortcut icons and favorite apps icons..?

  • solutionall

    what mockup did you use for this pls?

  • toxicthunder

    @disaresta thats really nice, better than what i could do…

Date Added: Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at 2:48 pm

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.”

– Leonard Cohen

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.
Remember, no one is perfect. And that’s why pencils have erasers … and so does photoshop.

But let this not deter you from your goal for perfection.


Striving for perfection, this 2-screen setup tries to mimic the much loved Sliding Menu prominent in apps like Google+ and Facebook. In this case it is a simple wallpaper jugglery that does the trick.

This setup should be easy to implement for most device resolutions. As always, all related files can be found in my dropbox folder.

Hope you enjoy this simple setup!