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  • suprano

    Awesome!! :D

  • vanessaem


    Thanks man. :-)
    New editable version linked above.

  • super8

    Thanks a lot!. I will try with the fully customizable versión… :-)

  • http:[email protected] lopezpm

    I am using cloudsy. I commented on that page about changing weather from Celcius to Fahrenheit. You told me to come here but all I see are the clocks. Where is the weather uccw widget?

  • vanessaem


    There has never been a weather UCCW version of this theme. If you install the customizable version, you can add that feature.

  • vanessaem


    No problem. :-)

Date Added: Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 4:49 am

These clocks were inspired by xNiikk’s Lucid Rounds.
Easy install APK – All 6 clocks included(not as customizable): Download
Fully Customizable version: ZIP Download

Please give credit if used. Thanks!