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  • http:[email protected] xadidas4lifex

    What theme is that? I didn’t know mianogen had a transparent notification bar…

  • kydkupa

    Can I have the files for this setup.

  • rsmetroid

    wallpaper please

  • Llewellyn1

    Looks great pls share

  • Bobberta

    “Search but don’t say Google” hahaha :)

  • migmc

    Files for setup please! This is awesome. :)

  • ethanchu

    files for the setup plz this is awsoeme

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @xadidas4lifex Mianogen is an icon pack; I used Zooper Widget for the transparent notification bar.
    @kydkupa @rsmetroid @Llewellyn1 @migmc @ethanchu thanks guys, I added the link for the files in the description.

  • Epikk

    where is the clock widget file?

    edit: nevermind found it on uccw skin.txt

  • mauriciobaroni

    can you make a video tutorial???

  • colomob

    When I set up the status bar in the screen lock, the lock sign doesn’t appear… Any help with that?

  • azza12345

    May I ask what font you are using for the date, by the way your theme is the first theme I have ever downloaded so take that as a big compliment :-)

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @mauriciobaroni I don’t think I will, it’s a pretty easy setup.
    @colomob You’re missing the bitmap image I used. You can look for a .png yourself, but if you don’t find anything, I’ll send you the one I used.
    @azza12345 Thank you, I used Roboto Thin.

  • roelgort

    video tutorial would be much appreciated :)

  • http:[email protected] BigMops

    how did you manage to make the music widget look like that? did you theme plug in?

  • swiftlegend

    where can we get the bitmaps for the lockscreen statusbar and search widget?

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @BigMops Check the apps I used.
    @swiftlegend I updated the Dropbox files folder with those 2 bitmaps.

  • dnysix

    Awesome! Will be using this from now on! Do you think it’s a good Idea to disable the Statusbar permanently and rely on “Pie”-Controls since I’m running a custom Rom?

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @dnysix I’m glad you like it! The status bar is a separate widget so its pretty easy to enable/disable it so you can see what looks better to you. Personally, I thought the screen was missing some /boundary/ so I added the transparent black background.

  • azza12345

    Hi rabrot, do you have the files for Roboto Thin, I can’t find it anywhere?

  • Sirgreg1294

    Just finished setting it up, looks astonishing. Thank you!

  • dannycardoz

    Lovely setup :D what about the google search .? is it also a zooper widget?

  • pudgytaco

    I have a S3 and in nova I get a small sliver of the homescreen on top of the status bar widget. Any way to fix this?

  • azza12345

    @pudgytaco What you do is, you go into nova settings, desktop, then click height margin and set it to none

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @azza12345 I don’t, it’s one of the default fonts in Zooper Widget.

    @Sirgreg1294 You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it!

    @dannycardoz Yes.

    @pudgytaco First try setting the margins to none but the problem might persist because its a different resolution so you might want to try with different layout sizes.

  • henkkaize

    I can’t open the “.zw” files you posted to dropbox.. I’m running mac os x 10.7.5

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @henkkaize Open it using your phone.

  • henkkaize

    My phone says that ‘can’t open file’.

    Galaxy S3, 4.2.2, CM10.1

    What app should I use to open the files on my phone?

  • Jahmarr

    when i input the zooper widget file for info nothing appears what can i do to fix this

  • pudgytaco

    @rabrot yep I got it I just had to resize the widget to make it larger. Love the screen!

  • http:[email protected] rabrot

    @henkkaize First download Zooper Widget, then open it and open the file from it.

    @Jahmarr I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • mattlamburr

    I don’t understand how to open the .zw files from within zooper widget, I’ve tried through root explorer and it just force closes every time.I’d appreciate any help

  • yanbek95


    You must put the .zm files into “ZooperWidget/Templates” located in your device storage.

  • mattlamburr

    I did that earlier but they’re still not showing up, I’m not very customizing widget savvy lol got the home screen perfect

  • Laccnow

    edit: nvm I solved my problem just after I posted my issue :D

  • yanbek95

    Can you tell me the color codes for the power toggles?

Date Added: Saturday, July 6th, 2013 at 2:56 pm


Nova Settings:
– Desktop Grid: 10 x 8
– Width Margin: None
– Height Margin: None
– Show Notification Bar: Disabled

WidgetLauncher Settings:
– Layout: 12 x 12
– Hide Notification Bar: Enabled

How to change the name of your carrier (m:tel for me):
1. Go into the App Drawer and open Zooper Widget
2. Configure Widgets
3. Select ‘Status Bar’
4. Layout
5. Rich Text / m:tel
6. Scroll down to ‘Edit text manually’
7. Rename it to whatever you want and apply
8. Return to your home screen

If you have any trouble setting it up feel free to ask.