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  • ahozo

    how in gods name did you make that glorious clock widget?

  • http:[email protected] jackiie

    i want this lockscreen :) just awesome ;) (do u mind sharing it?)

  • akash_rao28

    wallpaper plz :)

  • Kelky111
  • deluxe24

    Could you share the icons and desktop grid?

  • http:[email protected] vali_ics

    Can you share the widgetlocker skin ? looks awesome. :D thanks.

  • Kelky111

    The icons are
    and the desktop grid is 12 x 10. I added the icons onto the wallpaper and used desktop visualizer with a transparent icon to load the apps.

  • Kelky111
  • Albertoa97

    Really like it man! Good job.

  • pinneleo

    how do i get this

  • Kelky111
Date Added: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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