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  • vladikus

    I love it!

  • TraktoR6666

    @vladikus Thank you :) i appreciate it

  • tdotm

    I’m impressed. I like the interaktive parts – really cool having those tabs on the side link to other pages. btw: Solid installation discription – nice to see the thought put into that.

  • dianeofarcadia

    impressive set up!!

  • kurzundschluss

    Wonderful, very original

Date Added: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 5:41 am


Available on Google Play Store :

Check out also the Pink Agenda :

ATTENTION : If you have PROBLEM / ISSUE with this theme, please EMAIL me at [email protected] Email will be treated right away. Complain via Comment on Review and Rating takes time to be seen. Thank you.


Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 2


1. Install ssLauncher Original :

The Agenda Theme is a theme for ssLauncher Original. The ssLauncher Original is a paid app by other developer (ChYK), not me. So before everything,  you must have the ssLauncher Original installed first on your device. Please search it on Google Play Store and install it.

2.  Install The Brown Agenda Theme

Only after ssLauncher Original installed, you can install The Brown Agenda Theme.

3. Launch ssLauncher Original :

Launch ssLauncher Original on your device and go to Menu by pressing your device menu button, choose “Theme”, then “Apply Theme Package”. Then choose the Brown Agenda Theme. You will be prompted to clear Fonts & Images,  choose”Yes”.

4. Make new pages :

After applying the theme, please provide 9 new pages first,  because you will link some buttons to each new pages.

To make new pages, go to Menu by pressing your device menu button and scroll down and tap + button

Choose Cover Page and make 3 new pages : Home, Slide In, News Page.

Repeat the process to make the other 6 new pages, but this time are Application Group pages : Productivity, Social, Fun, Photography, Music, Misc. 

Optional : you can also make Productivity, Social, Fun, Photography, Music, Misc. pages as Cover Page, not as Application Group with provided color markers wallpapers.

After all pages are made, change their wallpapers as per screenshots – go to Menu by pressing your device menu button and scroll down and tap the icon above the pencil icon and select the appropriate wallpapers.

You have total 9 pages now.

5. Apply a layout in a page :

– Long press the free area of the page.
– Select Load Template
– Select Cover Page
– Set layout just like the screenshot displayed on my Google Play Store :

Template 1 —-to—- Home
Template 2 —-to—- News Page
Template 3 —-to—- Slide In

Optional :

Template 4 —-to—- Productivity, Social, Fun, Photography
Template 5 —-to—- Music and Misc.

6. Linking buttons to pages :

As for the Productivity, Social, Fun, Photography, Music, Misc. buttons, you can link them to pages you create on step 4, and you can add applications on the pages as per categories.

7. (Optional) Tab name depends on the page name, so just in case you want to change the name of a tab, you must change the name of the page the tab links to :

go to Page Navigation by pressing Menu button and tap the pencil icon aside the each page and change the page title, OK and get back to page with tabs.

then tap the tab button with the previous name of the page and since you no longer have the page with previous name, it will prompt you to reassign a new page to it, and choose page with the new name.

(you may want to reposition the tab name if it moves after you change its name : please press hold it and move around or use the middle cursor to fine tune it)

8. (Optional) Font style on the Home page is customizable, you can download any font you like to your device, add it to the launcher and use it :

Press and Hold one shortcut and choose Edit – Title – Font Family – Add Font – browse your favorite font on your device.

Fonts come with different size so after changing the font you may want to adjust the size : Press and Hold one shortcut and choose Edit – Title – Font Size

Always Apply and Save Settings after customization.

9. Lock the screen after all to avoid accidental layout setting :

Go to Menu by pressing your device menu button and tap the lock symbol on the left bottom.