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Screen Of the Day on 07/30/2013
  • Huxtastic

    That is pure genius my man, just installed the free version and already know I want the paid one! Will be installing asap and using as my homescreen. Keep up the good work!

  • turnbelt

    @Huxtastic Thanks man! I’m thrilled that you like it!

  • Huxtastic

    Seriously can’t believe only two loves. Screen of the day contender surely?? Guess not many fallout fans here

  • maxamillion1882

    Love fallout. Nice screen!

  • turnbelt

    @Huxtastic Everyone who likes Fallout is just too busy playing Fallout!

  • Huxtastic

    hey man, just bought the paid version, where’s the app list from the screenshot?

  • Titoshi

    Awe, makes my attempt look silly…very nice, I may need this.

  • turnbelt

    @Huxtastic The apps lists are in this file here:

    I have to provide them via .uzip as otherwise they’re not modifiable :/

  • liamthompson666

    Nice work

  • Huxtastic

    Cheers man, all sorted and set up now

  • justdaven

    I admit I don’t know fallout, but the screen itself shows a lot of creativity. Nice!

  • TechoLogic

    I love fallout, i played the first and second game from childhood on. So, ur theme ist fuckin great, i love it! :D

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 07/30/13

  • odyzeus

    cool man!! fallout rules!!!


    Oh man this is SO awesome! great job man, surprised nobody has tried this yet.

  • fluxgfx

    @turnbelt Great job on the Pipboy interface with UCCW bud. I actually purchased your pack on the play store.

  • Dibsbighead

    Would this work on a galaxy s2?

  • vincentkarz

    I love your work and the way you help everybody to get this beautiful screen. Thanks

  • turnbelt

    @fluxgfx Thanks man! I appreciate the support!

  • turnbelt

    @Dibsbighead As long as you’ve updated it to android 4.0 or higher!

  • Dibsbighead

    i’ve completed my pipboy and it looks amazing! thank you for your work!

  • dmbardal

    Amazingly well done!
    Looks just like the original pipboy.

    I still wont use it though. It’s not my style at all.
    But that doesnt change the fact that I love it ! ;)

  • Aslolo

    Awesome mate!

  • MichelleM

    Just bought this and set it up. Love it. Good job!

  • thymianoid

    This is awesome! You can also submit your work through
    It’s a new app for android and you could possibly get more notice there as well!

  • JoAnn77PL

    Ahh, Fallout :) Been there, done it in all scenarios :))) I will love applying this theme! Congrats on your whole work!


Date Added: Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 5:39 pm

This is the Fallout Pipboy themed UCCW skin. You will need UCCW for this! With Fallout 4 soon to be announced, I got a little hyped a while back and posted a rough alpha version of this to reddit and it was received well. So I decided to make it available on the Play Store. This version is better in pretty much every aspect. Installation is easier, application is easier, and better yet; more widgets and colors are now available.

Download Fallout UCCW (Free):
Download Fallout UCCW (Paid):

Please read my Google+ post about this to get the full scoop, plus access to the .uzips and more! Linky link:

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