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  • nickacs

    I love the minimalistic look! Could you share the files/lock screen perhaps? :) Keep up teh great work!

  • flava69

    awesome.could you share the status bar please?

  • adunaph3l

    Really nice setup, hope you will share all the files :)

  • Pwedy

    Yes please to the files..wallpaper etc….

  • Layla_Maya

    @nickacs @flava69 @adunaph3l @Pwedy Thanks you all! I uploaded the files (including a tutorial).

  • fester26381

    Great job Layla_Maya, your home is truly remarkable … you have been an inspiration and this is the result of my new home:…..What do you think? hello and good day!

  • omeomyo

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Layla_Maya

    @fester26381 Thanks! And that looks really nice – great work :)

  • Bakari

    Dark and minimal. Very nice!

  • Layla_Maya

    @omeomyo @Bakari Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it!

  • fester26381

    @Layla_Maya Thanks!!!

  • ABaldWookkee

    Hey, love the theme and im trying to do the same but i cant get the play/pause icons for the zw widget to work, it just stays as the folder icon.

  • Layla_Maya

    Did you change the file path?

  • solutionall

    i also love those icons.

  • Creativity

    Hi ! First of all I want to thank you for your themes, I really like them. Is it just me or are the dropbox links dead ? Thanks.

  • esther

    Links don’t work :(

  • adunaph3l

    Can you please reup / verify your links please ? :(

  • sjmikalonis

    Links are dead.

  • http:[email protected] SushiOnSteroids

    It would be killer if you fixed the links please.

  • Android_Bordelais

    Please, add new ( functional ) links.


  • Milesjohnson


  • Milesjohnson


  • Acetylcholine

    Hey I just made the account to say, please man reupload those files. I am dying to get those wallpapers and get it going :) Thank you !

  • Pwedy

    I have put many many screens on my Droid but this is the one that has been on the longest, it is on here now and will remain…It has it all and there are none better..Thank you!!!!

  • Modu

    Please. PLEASE fix the links!


  1. 1. The tutorial is included with the other files!
Date Added: Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 3:45 pm

I really love those icons, there by Mushcupe – check it out and download them on Deviantart:

I used them in my last screen, but today I learned that they’re actually inspired by this wonderful iOS 7 redesign by Alexey Masalov: (Please do have a look; it really is amazing!); so I decided to take some inspiration from this.

Anyway, I hope you like it; and of course I’ll be happy to upload the files and maybe provide a short tutorial if you’re interested.


You can download all the files here, including a rather extensive tutorial (with step by step screenshots for some things I got asked about last time):

And here you can download only the files and the tutorial txt, since the other one is a little bit large:

And here are the wallpapers I used (the originals and my modified ones):


I reworked the music widget a little bit using zooper widget; it now shows track, artist and album info and the play/pause icon changes depending on whether or not music is playing!

You can download the files you need (and a short explanation on how to set it up) here: