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Screen Of the Day on 08/29/2013
  • althus

    looks awesome

  • gb76

    Great! i like it!!!

  • semati
  • Soloveyptaha

    Great theme!

  • jrventura

    I love it!

  • vladikus


  • semati
  • tolati


  • semati

    @tolati Thanks man ;)

  • jellmoo

    Dude, this is great! Not only did you make a beautiful theme, but you put the files up without asking for some begging first, added a nice tutorial, and even gave the extra step of altering an image. I am truly impressed!

  • semati

    @jellmoo Thanks a lot! I am glad that you like it!

  • Bharath17

    @semati Calm and beautiful….. great work….

  • raikkoni27

    clean and decent! love it!

  • kchelz

    @semati You’ve done it again, & as always, I’m greatly impressed & inspired. Your work is brilliant. <3

  • kchelz

    Also, do you mind uploading the icon packs you used and the fonts, and perhaps a blank .png for the favorite apps widget? I know it’s a lot to ask, but your themes always inspire me to add my own twists to them. :-)


    really good screen man.

  • yongs73

    As always-perfectly!

  • semati
  • semati
  • Rebel


  • tonypennuto

    great work.

  • http:[email protected] thenothing

    This is a great theme, but how do you make the weather update work? Also, the music widget can pause and change the track, but the track name and artist and album cover doesn’t update. Is it supposed to?

  • gagaohlala

    I reproduced this set up on my N4 ! Beautiful ! Congrats ! But beyond, this really clean and calm screen is easy to set ! OMG Finally ! Just put the UCCW on the screen like said in description. Thank you !

  • semati
  • semati

    @thenothing Thanks! tap on the icon for the weather update.Track name and artist should be update but album cover not.

  • semati

    @gagaohlala Thanks a lot! i’m glad you like it :)

  • GPNS

    I love the instructions, it’s what this site needs, great work, dude!

  • semati

    @GPNS Thanks dude!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 08/29/13

  • semati

    @Peachanan Thanks Peach ;)

  • madad123

    Awesome theme man!, really nice. I used the same UI kit for a theme I had on my Nexus 7 a few months ago, check it out!

  • shail00

    How to control music widget in second page?

  • jatin26

    How can I use the music widget uzip…plz explain…how can I hotspot the next prebious and play button

  • jatin26

    Semati….it would be really helpful if ull provide me a uzip for…
    I want whats app – flipboard – and playsrore insted of facebook tweet and google plus…plzzz…

  • semati
  • semati
  • chnk05

    How to install

  • Vivick

    Superbe ! coloré et simple, j’adore :)
    De plus, très facile à installer !

  • semati

    @chnk05 Here the tutorial,watch it please

  • semati

    @Vivick Merci!!

  • http:[email protected] 92berek

    Hey, I really love this homescreen. I’d like to change some of the favorite apps on the second and third widget. Could you provide a link with icons used there? I know you sent us link with social medias, but they seem so blueish, they’re different from the ones you used in your homescreen. Is it possible for you to send icons for socials and favorite apps?
    Thanks in advance!

  • semati

    @92berek Thanks! i changed colors of the icons by using photoshop ;)

  • http:[email protected] ClubWDW

    Semati. . . .the only issue I’m having is that I don’t use Facebook and I wanted to replace it with a different app like Instagram. . . .when I go to edit the .PSD, it loses transparency. Is it the .PSD I should be editing or something from within UCCW? Can you edit the .uzip from Photoshop? Also, when using MediaUtlilities, it changes the track information, but the cover art never changes. If you can assist me on how to fix these issues, this will be the PERFECT home screen for me.

  • semati

    @ClubWDW uzip here:
    It’s not an issue for the music player widget.

  • http:[email protected] ClubWDW

    @Semati Thank you sooooo much! When you edit the .PSD, what do you save it as? Then, how do you export to uzip?

  • semati

    @ClubWDW you’re it as .PNG.
    When you editing widget is ok, then you will see three dots on the right corner,click on and save.

  • http:[email protected] ClubWDW

    @Semati Everything looks great but album art still not working…what are your settings on media utilities?

  • iXMB

    Me encantó tu tema, todo muy limpio y muy bien elaborado, te agradezco también que hayas incluído los PSD para así poder agregar un tercer homescreen y poner algunas cuantas apps ahí. Saludos.

  • semati

    @iXMB Gracias por sus amables palabras

  • semati

    @ClubWDW Thanks! it won’t work because it is just a static image :)

Date Added: Saturday, August 24th, 2013 at 3:36 am

Nova or Apex Launcher
Media Utilities
Inspired by:

Launcher settings.
10×10 grid size
No margins
2 homescreen
Overlay widgets
Hide dock & status bar
Set wallpaper
Import uzips
uccw widgets sizes:
FlatUI1 & FlatUI3 (2×2)
FlatUI2 & FlatUI4 (4×2)
then resize them
Open FlatUI1 for edit your profile picture
Edit objects/Image 2/Image/choose from gallery
your picture,go to back and see ”Sort images”
send your picture back and place it.
Thats all! Your homescreen is ready :)
I hope you like it,CHEERS!!!