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    Wallpaper please?

  • courier

    @BoBBBBBBBO Sure, added it under the app list!

  • PsyCoil

    Dock background is white with transparency? How do you set it like this?

  • courier

    @PsyCoil In Nova settings, Dock, Dock Style, white background, something like 85% transparency, Arc shape.

  • http:[email protected] tsirhcitna

    Thanks for this beautiful theme. I’ve tried it on my galaxy i9001 and it works very well. I wish I could center vertically the icons on the dock :P also Click UI and timely are very nice… can anyone suggest me a power widget that fit this theme?

Date Added: Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 1:52 pm

Flat Galaxy iOS 7

Nova Settings:
8×5 grid
Large width and heigh margins
Wipe scroll effect
Don’t show shadow
Don’t label icons
6×4 grid
No scroll effect
Vertical style
80% background transparency
Infinite scroll
Arc Dock style
15% opacity w/ no background
5 dock icons
Large width margin and dock height
Small icons
Don’t show scroll indicator
Don’t show divider