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  • kin_kings

    Looks like Ferrari! share the files please!

  • pacpac

    that is dope!

  • andro_s

    this is very cool

  • john_k

    cool! share plz

  • dmc_Q

    this is going to be my next lockscreen if your welling to share

  • neno_queen

    thats nice

  • rasenshuriken

    nice and simple, great work mate!

  • mkmathers
  • mkmathers

    @rasenshuriken thanks! glad u like it

  • mkmathers

    @neno_queen Thanks!

  • mkmathers

    @andro_s thakns

  • mkmathers

    @pacpac thanks man glad like it

Date Added: Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 8:57 am

a new Lockscreen
Minimal and Looks as cool as a Cars Logo
i hope you like it
plz dont forget to Zoom ;)
as I’m home ;)
so if you like it please Hit THE Love Button ;)
And here are the files :