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  • fester26381

    Very beautiful, congratulations! We had the same idea, in fact this is My creation: ….Do you like it? Hello and congratulations again!

  • http:[email protected] poftpop


    Hi! Thanks, glad to hear you like it. Indeed it seems that we’ve had the same ideas and I do like it, very neat and tidy. Especially love the blurred background, brings out the widgets even more. Awesome job!

  • fester26381

    @poftpop Thanks!

  • http:[email protected] ssrij

    Can you upload the files?

Date Added: Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Decided to share my participation to the “Get inspired by Timo Vino’s Key Lime Pie homescreen” phenomenon.( Although the greatest source of inspiration for my homescreen was SlideNOW’s replica( Basically I just tweaked it to suit my needs.

Icons: M-Flat by Mashcube (

All the Date/Time/Schedule widgets from Android 7.0 by Idjalal (

Transparent backgrounds and dots from SlideNOW.

“Dock” by me.

Many thanks to Timo Vino , SlideNOW & Idjalal for their inspiring homescreens and beautiful widgets.