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  • silhuette

    Please could you provide links to setup theme like that …. This is awsome very stylish ;)

  • devadip

    post the files!!!

  • Croaker

    Love the look. Very well done! Looking forward to playing around with this next week. Thanks!

  • apollonio

    nice job!!
    post the files pls!!

  • tolavz

    admire your work very much!
    can you please post the files….thanks!

  • rona2804

    man!! excelente trabajo, he revisado todas tus panatallas y todas son muy buenas. Me gustaria de ser posible expliques como has hecho esta y nos des todos los archivos necesarios. saludos desde Peru.

  • jlfortoul
  • jlfortoul
  • jlfortoul

    Thank you all ..launcher apex 9*7 all uccw widget

  • jlfortoul

    @rona2804 files post it thanks bro

  • jlfortoul

    @tolavz files post it thanks

  • jlfortoul

    @Richard Blaine files post it thanks bro

  • http:[email protected] d4rren

    Wow! Best one Ive seen so far. Good job Sir.

    But may I have the link for the files pls? Dropbox says its empty. Tyvm :)

  • Corkas

    good work

Date Added: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 2:22 am

Apex prime.. wed black ..wall uccw skins by everville from mycolorscrem . Icons by Andrew Gallagher seriously crazy xda. Battery clock uccw widget by garyarts from mycolorscrem.. it is missing two buzz widgets .. I will post then during the weekend .. weather fancy widget pro…