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  • delutedsoul

    Love this,simply sexy!



  • http:[email protected] thejulianath20

    Can you share your media widget? I see you have poweramp but that widget looks custom…. Did you make it with Uccw? And if so how?

  • viveks

    nice setup….. looks really great +1

  • peszek

    @delutedsoul @BBQGOAT @viveks thank you all! I’m glad you like it!

  • peszek

    @thejulianath20 this is PowerAmp widget. Transparent background of this widget and “close” button is the part of wallpaper. Everything will be clear when I’m shere files and tutorial. It will be today ;-)

  • Athlet

    Can you share psd file? ;)

  • Mushcube

    Nice icons you got there ;P

  • ryoh

    How do I use that little notification thing at the bottom?

Date Added: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 6:26 pm

This homescreen is strongly inspired by perfect UI concept “Android 5 Kiwi Kugel” by Timo Vino:

Please ZOOM!

-Download and unpack Kiwi Kugel MOD into your device
-Copy 2013_9_1_14_0_1.bbak to: buzz_launcher/backup
-In Buzz launcher settings restore: 2013_9_1_14_0_1
-Add all widgets to your new homescreen.
-In UCCW: change hotspots if you like
-Hotspots: on
Done ;)


Hope you like it! :)